Da Lat – Developing sustainable tourism associated with on-the-spot export

Smoke-free industry the unofficial name of tourism, plays an important role in the economy Thanks to tourism, on-the-spot export” activities have been promoted, generating a large amount of foreign currency to the locality, improving overall payment balance, increasing the value of each product, handling job creation for workers. On the other hand, development of tourism is also an opportunity for merchandise trading activities to be promoted, a prerequisite for international tourists to effectively introduce their products to other regional countries and the world. This is also an important form, and a basis for promoting investment relations, trade development, creating favorable conditions for branding, promoting on-the-spot export activities in particular and export to the world market in general.

Lam Dong province has lots of potential with diversified products

In terms of form and rich in varieties, such as: tea, coffee, vegetables, flowers handicrafts, processed foods with unique particularities. Especially there are products voted by consumers as high quality Vietnamese goods, established by Vietnam and Asia Record Books Hence, effectively utilizing tourism potential and strengths is an important basis for promoting on-the- spot exports, promoting multifaceted economic development.

vegetable garden in Dalat

vegetable garden in Dalat

From the actual fact, if we wish to develop tourism towards sustainability, it requires that the local government, tourism sector and enterprises operating in this field must adhere to the following issues: Environment and natural resources, ability of resources to develop various types of tourism, levels of impact on ecosystems and culture levels of consumption and use, negative effects of pollutants, efficiency of use of material and energy, management activities, future strategy and planning directions… For Lam Dong, in the development and construction of tourism products associated with high-tech agriculture (referred to as agro-tourism), further attention should be paid to: Concept of agro- tourism, definition of tourism resources, needs for tourism development, what are products- markets, challenges and opportunities for destinations, infrastructure and role of enterprises, units involved, strategies to promote agricultural tourism, and last but not least, supporting policies and participation of entrepreneurs.

tea plantation in Dalat

tea plantation in Dalat

A localities with traditional handicraft villages, with products can shift their economic structure

A new trend anew direction, that is, export of goods on the premises through tourism According to the latest statistics, in 2016 the number of tourists to Lam Dong accounts for about 5.4 million. Of which: international tourists are estimated at 270,000; Guests staying in city reach 3.6 million With such advantages, the smart execution of the strategy of “exporting goods on the premises through tourism” will contribute to multi-sector economic development, create job opportunities in the province and raise the value of goods Instead of only producing goods, selling only agricultural and handicraft products, people can simultaneously trade products and do business services of visiting production process of these products, to help tourists experience new things. Thus, a localities with traditional handicraft villages, with products can shift their economic structure from agriculture to services without going through period of industrial development. Typically, the link between tourism companies and gardeners to bring tourists to visit and directly shop products in the agricultural tourism cluster in Ho Xuan Huong neighborhood, tourists can visit and shop in the Giant pumpkin garden, Ysa Orchid garden (Sang Coi), the strawberry garden, Tan Tién agricultural cooperative, Thai Phien flower village; model of tea brand promotion of Tam Chau tea company (Bao LOc city), silk model of Cuong Hoan manufacturing unit (Lam Ha)…

In the globalization trend of world and regional economies, foreign trade activities always occupy an important and decisive role in socio- economic development of each locality. Particularly, export has been recognized and become a very basic activity, a means of promoting the developed economy. Therefore, export of goods on the premises through tourism” is the main driving force to benefit enterprises, contributing to boosting the production and promoting creativity of economic units through international competition. At the same time, export of goods on the premises through tourism” is also a means to exploit the advantages of nature, geographical position, human resources of the localities in the province.

With the advantages of nature, trade and tourism potential and the friendly investment attractiveness, in the near future Da Lat – Lam Dong tourism will be indeed a key economic sector of the locality.

By Long Chau

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