Dalat Artichoke


Why do the Dalat artichokes be good & famous?

Dalat artichoke which was not only famous in Vietnam but also over the world. In the opinion of biologic experts, nowhere in Asia have better quality artichoke than Dalat artichoke thanks to characteristics of a particular area (Altitude, fog, soil, temperature …).

Where were the artichokes planted in Dalat?

In Dalat, almost artichokes were planting at Lac Duong, Thai Phien and Van Thanh.

Dalat artichoke farm

Dalat artichoke farm

When do the Dalat artichokes harvested?

The harvested season of artichoke in Dalat is from May to July annually. At this harvested season, you can take advantage of purchasing the best artichokes at the cheapest price.

Which products were made from Dalat artichoke?

Generally, Dalat artichokes were produced to the tea bag or make the dried artichokes and export to other areas of Vietnam or oversea. However, Almost, Dalat people prefer to use the fresh artichoke as the hot soup (stew artichokes with the pig’s leg) for their daily family’s meals. Nowaday, you can easy to taste this special dish with the regional flavor at any restaurants in Dalat. However, please note that not all restaurant do well for special regional flavor.

Soup of Dalat Artichoke stew with pig leg

Soup of Dalat Artichoke stew with pig leg

Once visiting Dalat, you can be easy to buy fresh artichoke or dried artichoke or artichoke tea products at Dalat market. Depending on the harvested period as above mention, the price of fresh artichoke and the dried artichoke will be change up or down. The price of artichoke tea will be not affected by artichoke’s harvested season.

Fresh artichoke for sales at Dalat market

Fresh artichoke for sales at Dalat market


Introduction of Dalat artichoke tea

Dalat artichoke tea has a unique pleasant aroma, specially with the hot water, it turns into a refreshing and energizing health-promoting drink which can be very useful to anyone. Just steep a bag of this wonderful herbal tea for 3-4 minutes in a cup of hot water, and enjoy beautiful refreshing flavor and numerous artichoke tea benefits. Artichoke tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea with slightly sweet taste and very smooth flavor.

How Dalat artichoke tea was made?

Roots and flowers of the artichoke tree are used to manufacture the artichoke tea. However, some manufacturers additionally blend other ingredients in it. When consumed either hot or cold, it has a sweet taste of its own and a characteristic pleasant aroma.

Which benefits of Dalat artichoke tea?

Dalat artichoke tea benefits take source from rich vitamin and nutrient content to stimulate fat burning (promoting effective weight reduction) and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, artichoke tea benefits include also such therapeutic properties of this product as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help you avoid bladder, liver and kidney infections.

Please note that if you allergic to dandelion or chamomile have high chances of being allergic to artichoke as well. Also, this herbal tea is not safe for people with gallstones or other kidney-related problems.

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