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DALAT CADASA RESORT is a complex of French villas, each of which has a different style that portrays the ancient architecture of Northern France with 13 villas adjoining each other. Every villa has its area from 300m2 to 1.000m2 which includes luxurious lobby and living – room and fireplace, from 2 to 9 comfortable bedrooms in each. The resort is located on Tran Hung Dao street, Dalat city with the width of 6 hecta. This had been the place where politicians and famous scholars came and lived from the early of 20th century until 1975.

There, you will be delightfully surprised when you see a complex of French villas with ancient architecture found only in Northern France (Normandy). Thirteen villas all together. Each villa has a different style, set within a forest of flowers and pines. At first sight, you will be deeply impressed by the aristocratic but wild beauty of the hills, mountains and highlands… and most of all you will feel the special characteristics and atmosphere of Dalat.

Do you know that this has been the residence of famous artists and political figures since the beginning of the century till the mid nineteen seventies?

The villas were Built by French architects who planned and designed Dalat. People like Lycee Yersin and college professors, officers of the former king Bao Dai dynasty before 1975, famous leaders of the revolution, and now at present scientists and researchers and VIP’s are our guests.

Just outside of the modern fully-equipped bed rooms and sitting rooms, you will face a forest of flowers and old pines. You can enjoy a walk around the grounds for a kilometer, and walk under the shade of pine needles, surrounded with colorful wild flowers. There are many varieties of flowers that you may not have even seen before. You will stop and gaze at them with passion and love and you might feel drawn by their wonderful bright colors. The many varieties of flowers here are seasonal and change roles and appear and disappear with the seasons. You will see flowers in Dalat at any season though: Pansies, Mimosas, Forget Me Nots , Violets, and Tulips. You cannot help but be attracted by the pure green color of huge grass hills spotted with yellow Dandelions in the glory of the early morning, which are strangely magnetic and invite you to lie down or stretch out on the grass to reminisce and think of the golden past. There may be a split second that you have the feeling of walking on a pure soil country road and you will hear insects’ whisper as if it were a moist-wet tuning song in a beautiful sunset, then a slight melancholy invades you…

Have you ever read the famous novel THE LITTLE BIRD IN THE BLACKTHORN of the Australian female writer COLLEEN MACCULLOUGH? If her novel moves you, the sight here will bring the same feelings to you with birds singing on the pine tops and on the old roofs in the very early morning. Through the window, you will see birds dancing and singing on pine branches, and you will bathe in their sweet voice. Afterwards you will experience stronger emotion from your heart than before and you will feel strengthened, you will love your life more and more. In silent moments of the afternoon, you can relax on an outdoor stone bench, listen to the chorus of the pines waving in the wind. Or you can enjoy the beautiful song of the cicadas in summer.

Further more, you can have a very romantic night in the cold atmosphere of Dalat, you can walk in the garden, listening to the breath of the forest and dip your soul into the white dew dark of the white mist. Have you ever walked alone in the forest at night? You always feel safe when walking in the forest at night here. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to discover the forest in the moonlight, and then you can enjoy the landscape of the highlands and Dalat city bathing in the fairy tale like sweet yellow moonlight.

Some shots of Dalat Cadasa resort (click on for full view)

And suddenly the rain comes down. The rain is drawn-out and non stop , you can see the rain through the glass window in your bedroom. And if you want , if you just slightly open the door, you will hear the bass, tenor sound of the rain (in the busy, stressful life of the big city you never have enough time to listen to the rain, do you?). The rain here will bring you back to sweet memories… In addition, in any of the villa rooms, you can see hills and houses up and down the landscape all over Dalat city. If you feel lonely, you can go to the villa lobby or coffee bar to enjoy a glass of Dalat wine, or go to the Violet restaurant to enjoy Asian, European and Vietnamese traditional cuisine. Every Wednesday you can walk down the street to the Violet book café to listen to romantic love stories and love poems. And you can go to the Art Gallery to gaze at timeless paintings of famous local and overseas artists.

If you share your holiday with friends or family, you will want to gather everyone by the warm stove and enjoy the fragrance of a pine fire giving off funny cracking sounds . And there will be no distractions at this time as you slowly sip every drop of wine drank with grilled meat and potato in the flickering fire light with the deep-reaching, pleasant music of Mozart, Beethoven and other great composers gently playing in the back ground… your soul will deeply soak in the atmosphere of legend and historical vestiges.

In silence, you can hear the sound of your feet cracking on the yellow dried leaves as you walk, you will feel the autumn breeze visiting you. And the garden here seems to bring the golden fall to you every afternoon. You can easily pick up dried pine fruits as a gift from nature.Perhaps , the green moss roofs, and stove-brick covered pavements, will remind you of something belonging to the past, something mild and deep in the soul flying here and there… You will not believe that your footprints are located on the same foot prints of many great men and dynasties of kings. You will hear from your heart the echo of the past.

The sense and sonority of the two following sentenses in a famous poem of the great Vietnamese female poet Huyen Thanh Quan can partly express the sonority and space here:

Lối xưa xe ngựa hồn thu thảo; Nền cũ lâu đài bóng tịch dương.

(In the coach, on the old path, sunk in soul of weed; Here – the old foundation, old castle, under the setting sunlight.)

You will see no definition between the present and the past, but they mix together and give you a bright dream and hope of a new day.

Whether at fall-winter or Christmas season, (the most beautiful weather of Dalat) you will go into ecstasy at the sight of the wild beauty of a field of daisies coloring a fence with their bright yellow. Especially, on the holiday Tet (Vietnamese and Chinese new year), you will suppose you are in Japan under the red of peach flowers.

There is no time to wait, my friends. Let’s visit DALAT CADASA RESORT to reflect on the past and think about the future, where you will bathe yourself in a cultural, historical, and architectural heritance with your loved ones.

That is also CADASA Joint Stock Company’s wish after spending a long time and all our energy and love restoring and rebirthing this group of ancient villas, we want to give people an opportunity to live in this precious cultural treasure. And now, we would like to sincerely share our greatest happiness with you. Come and see.


Room Rate from USD 36

The room rates are inclusive of:

 Daily breakfast,
 Complimentary use of ADSL Internet.


The map of Dalat Cadasa Resort

Website: www.dalatcadasaresort.vn

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