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1. Lat village: Get through beautiful road to Lat Village in order to understand the daily life of Lach ethnic minority people – the indigenous people of Dalat, admire subtle hand-woven brocade products with delicate looms, stilt house, talk to villager, visit Traditional Architechture Church, plantations of coffee, flower and vegetable are cultivated by Lach people.

2. Tuyen Lam Lake & Truc Lam Zen Monastery: Surrounding by pine forest, Tuyen Lam Lake (the nicest lake in Dalat) looks like a paradise with the Truc Lam Zen Monastery what is the biggest Zen University in Viet Nam at present. A very quiet scenery beside it’s beautiful flower garden, which is built on the top of Phoenix Hill appropriate for enjoying peaceful and poetic space of meditation realms. Please dress decently.

3. Bao Dai Summer Palace (Palace 3): The Palace was designed in unique and old French architectural style through Royal decoration. It belong to Bao Dai king – the last Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty in Viet Nam. It was built from 1933 to 1937 when Bao Dai was on his throne in Hue – the ancient capital. Bao Dai used this place as a resting place in summer. And then, he used this place as his office and his house. The palace is almost still intact at the present. Here is your best opportunity to understand deeply Vietnamese history.

4. Datanla waterfall: There are two ways through magnificent nature to spectacular falls in jungle forest. You can walk on peaceful path under the canopy of leaves or take thrilling alpine coaster down hill to touch cool cascade which worms through many steps of rock-slits, and then hides itself inside the jungle, flowing alternatively in and out of sight, challenging tourists’ curiosity. There are beautiful and glossy rock slabs where fairies from heaven legendarily used to bathe and get amused; therefore it is also called Fairy Stream.

5. Crazy house: The official name is Hang Nga Guesthouse which was built by its owner – architect Dang Viet Nga. It does not comply with any convention about house building with ten themed guest rooms, each one having an animal as its theme. Some people see it looks like a fairy tale castle, a giraffe or a giant spider for someone, huge tree trunks and branches for some others … What about you? Let’s come to see one of the world’s ten most bizarre houses voted by People’s Daily Magazine.

6. Lamdong Museum (ethnic museum): This is a good show room of hill tribes displays ancient artefacts and pottery, as well as costumes and musical instruments of local ethnic minorities as the best place for tourist understand the exciting history of Lam Dong province and Dalat in the past. (Close on Saturday and Sunday)

7. Dalat flower garden: The garden has the biggest selection of flowers in Dalat with hundreds kinds of flowers. Besides the traditional flowers that you have known such as ortensiaes, mimosas, roses…etc there are also other kinds of flowers that have been brought to Dalat such as daffodils, lilies… Here, there is the garden of orchids, these orchids are pretty big and considered as the most beautiful in Dalat.

8. Dalat University: The University Institute of Dalat was founded in 1958 by the Catholic Church of America and Michigan University. The university campus is one of the numerous romantic and beautiful spots in Dalat with a variety of styled buildings hidden throughout the pine trees beside the lake. The campus offers peace and quiet which is an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and nice photos.

 9. Linh Phuoc Pagoda: The admirable architecture was built from debris of glass, pottery and porcelain creating colorful paintings. Amazing of the unique Guan Yin statue by immortal flowers of Vietnam. There is also a strange 49m long dragon and its fin is covered with fragments of 50 thousand bottles of beer.

10. Domaine De Marie Church: This convent was built on a high hill that offers a panoramic view of Da Lat. The church’s architecture is the harmonious combination of Western art and Vietnamese folk art, it definitely stands out from other ones created at the same era. You can also visit flower garden and the grave of Suzanne Humbert, the wife of Jean Decoux, French general-governor of Indochina from 1940 to 1945.

11. Dalat Railway Station: It’s the nicest Old Railway Station of Indochina with ancient French architectures, the old steam locomotive of Japan and the unique cog railway with Swiss technology offering an atmospheric slice of Dalat history. The 7 kilometer track from Da Lat to Linh Phuoc pagoda is available for tourist.

12. Prenn Waterfall: The waterfall looks like a sparkling water-curtain pouring from 10 meters high down to a small valley which is surrounded by lots of flowers and pine hill. You can visit Vietnamese traditional temples on the hilltop or challenge yourself on the swinging bridge, rubber dinghies boating, elephant rides, ostrich riding…

13. Valley of Love: It’s the most romantic place for lovers with many beautiful love-signs, flowers, and endless pine hills scenery beside the Da Thien lake, well known for its Cowboys, a good place for horse riding. Some amusements that you can have in this site are jeep tour, motorized, paintball game and peddle boat on the lake.

14. Chinese Pagoda: The structure is built in the typical continental architecture with edged roofs and stenciled walls. In the hall you will find three famous statues of the Buddha originated from Hong Kong made in sandalwood and are very awe-inspiring. It is also possible to visit the magic table (which can turn itself when people put their hands on and concentrate)

15. Dalat biological research institute: The former of the Museum’s house was the Institute of Catholic Church. So far museum is preserving and displaying collections of stuff animals extremely valuable, abundant, typical in Lam Dong and the Highlands, service visiting, studying and researching. Let’s come to get a message: “Be more friendly to nature, to always be the natural companion of man”.

16. Minh Tam Flower garden: There’s a variety of rare and colorful flowers from all parts of the country such as: Hydrangeas, Carnation, Mimosa, Pelargonium, etc; especially, the right area resort – hotel Minh Tam – a famous, beautiful hotel hidden among pine forest, surrounded by ornamental gardens created a poetic and attractive landscape.

17. Palace 1: It’s such an extraordinary architectural work with ancient, majestic and refined appearance that expresses the new-classic style of the Europe. Originally it was a villa of a French millionaire who was also an official – Robert Clément Bourgery. After that, it has become Bao Dai King’s general headquarters in 1949, and also was Ngo Dinh Diem President’s private palace in 1956.

18. Linh Quang Pagoda: This’s the first pagoda of Da Lat to be founded in 1931 by superior Buddhist monk Thich Nhan Thu. On the left side of the main temple, you can see the tower garden with two precious towers with 5 floors and a 99m long dragon winding on the lake. A statue garden is on the right side with numerous statues telling of Buddha life and Buddhism concepts.

19. Linh Son Pagoda: Strolling on the entrance path in the shady of pine rows and high rubbers, you will immerse yourself in Buddhist realm with the EastAsian architecture the pagoda, Avalokitesvara statue on the lotus throne, the octagonal three-storey tower, the miniature mountains, beautiful bonsai trees, a lake… It‘s also the center of the Buddhism Association of Lam Dong Province.

20. Mang Linh coffee Plantation: There you can admire beautiful scenery of immense, green arabica coffee plantations and the guide help you understand the processes, such as: the picking of coffee, selecting coffee at the field and the factory, drying of coffee seeds and the process of milling coffee seeds that produces Arabica Instant Coffee that has a special taste and a nice fragrance.

21. Dalat Cable Car (Robin hill): From the top of Robin hill or in cable car, you can see the panorama of Da Lat, Lang Biang mountain, yellow giant Budha statue, Golf Course, Xuan Huong Lake, Prenn Pass, Elephant Mountain… The cable car with morden European technology runs from Robin Hill to Truc Lam Zen Monastery cover 2.3 km, with 50 brightly painted cabins spanning the distance.

22. XQ historical village (hand embroidery picture gallery): Here is a worthy place of art work to see many miraculous hand made embroidery works and find out how they make those fantastic artwork, this is the head and original hand embroidered works of XQ in Vietnam, you will be surprised and admired the charming ladies working in a dreaming Asian architectural space.

23. Dalat Clay Sculptures (Dalat Star tourist site): It is known by many names such as: Clay Village, Clay Tunnel…. which is a carved dry ditch about 1.2 km long beside Tuyen Lam Lake. Here, visitors seem to be stay in the fairy world with countless unique art sculptures; the statues of: monkeys, elephants, snakes, turtles, frogs, antique Vespa motorbike, horse cart, flowers waterfall; the famous architecture in Da Lat: The old railway station, Cathedral, Da Lat pedagogical colleges, pagoda …; and especially the clay house is full facilities. All of them were made of red soil in Dalat which was mixed with stone powder and cement.

24. Cu Lan village: Cu Lan Village tourist area is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the jungle. This place has a crystal-clear stream flowing through, deep blue lake, swaying swinging bridge, stilt houses under leave canopy, tree ferns (Cu Lan tree) with strange shapes and gentle slow Loris (Cu Lan animal). Visitor can take part in games as: boating on the lake, mountain biking, fishing, jeep crossing stream, horse riding….

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