The development planning of Dalat is an international level city

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has signed Decision No.704/2D-TTG RE: “Approval of adjusted general planning of Dalat city and its vicinity until 2030 and vision to 2050”. Accordingly, the development goal set out is “Building and developing Dalat city and its vicinity to 2030 as a modern, world-class metropolitan city; with special climate, natural scenery, cultural history and architectural heritage of national, regional and international significance.”

The characteristic of Dalat is raised in the decision on the approval of the adjusted planning

“As the administrative, economic, political, cultural scientific and technological center of Lam Dong Province; a high class eco-tourism& resort and national cultural heritage center, on a national, regional, international level; a national and international hi-tech agricultural production research center; a center for national scientific research and education-training and technology multidisciplinary transfer Center for national& international agricultural research; Landscape& biodiversity forest conservation national center; Trade and services, trade fair center; cultural, art, sports and amusement center, having an important position of national defense and security towards the Central Highlands and the whole country.”

Da Lat city

A sight of Da Lat city

The planning sets targets to preserve and develop Dalat city

According to the said adjusted planning, Da Lat and its vicinity include Da Lat and Lac Duong, Don Duong, Duc Trong districts and part of Lam Ha district(including Nam Ban town and Me Linh, Dong Thanh, Gia Lam and Nam Ha communes) with total natural land area of about 335,930ha, population 529,631people(2011); of which, Da Lat itself has total natural land area of about 39,440ha and population 211,696 people(2011). According to the forecasts, by 2020, the population of Da Lat and its vicinity will increase to about 600,000-650,000 people; as at 2030: 700,000-750,000 people. As for the model development and spatial structure of Da Lat City and its vicinity: Development of Da Lat City and its vicinity following the modeled urban linkages and radial belts, connection with eco-tourism regions, landscape, agricultural landscape forests; sustainable development; preservation and promotion of its natural, cultural and historic characteristic. As for the zoning and development of the Dalat and its vicinity, the urban development area has a total land area of about 11,600ha, the development of agricultural and rural area 73,000ha, the conservation and forest development areas 232,000ha and the eco-tourism development area 6,500 ha. With particular spatial orientation of Dalat city, the planning sets targets to preserve and develop Dalat city as a specific urban planning, architecture, culture, history, and natural scenery; build Da Lat an urban tourism Culture science, green and modern city at international level.

The government has assigned Lam Dong province to enact regulations under the adjusted planning scheme of approved construction of Dalat city, establishing and promulgating regulations on the planning and management of overall urban architecture. Together, Lam Dong People’s Committee is also responsible to publicly announce the approved overall city planning; review the organizational setting up, adjust and approve the zoning, the detailed planning and urban design to concretize the general planning of Dalat city to be basis for investment projects.

By Thi Hoang

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