Gong Festival

Overview of Gong Festival in Highlands

The Cultural space of Gongs of Central highland was recognized as the oral work of art and the intangible heritage of human by UNESCO on 15 November, 2005. After Hue Court Music, this is the second heritage of Vietnam to be given this title.

The Cultural space of Gongs of Central highland covers in 5 Central highland provinces of Kontum, Gialai, Daklak, Daknong and Lamdong. The owners of this cultural space include different minority groups such as Ede, Bana, Ma, Lach, etc.

The Cultural space of Gongs of Central highland includes the following factors: Chime, Gong, Gong music melody, the artists, the festivals with Gongs, Chimes (new rice festival, wharf ritual, etc.) the places to hold the festival (Long-houses, communal houses, fields, wharf, graveyard and the forests nearby the villages, etc.)

The provinces which have Gong cultural festival will take turn to hold Gong festival. Dak Lak province, which has the most gongs in Central highland, ia the important locality where gong festival held very often.

Professor To Ngoc Thanh said that the more ancient of the Gong, the more strong of its God; The more the owner has got Gongs, the more he become rich.

As soon as a child is born, he must hear the Gong sound immediately. Gong always presents in all festivities of ethnic minority people. To their costum, Gong is the only one thing that can make God listen what they say.

Source: By KaMut – Lac Duong district, . TIPC Lamdong recorded

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