Highlands in season of cascading waterfalls

Blessed by nature, Da Lat – Lam Dong is not only beautiful and dreamy by its flowers and majestic mountains, primeval ecological resorts, poetic lakes, but it also converges many famous falls and always attracts the attention of tourists from the name to the wild and mysterious beauty. July is the time throughout the Central Highlands the blue color dominates everything and the majestic waterfalls begin to sing the most impressive and beautiful songs of water flowing.

The Central Highlands is characterized by two distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy seasons. The rainy season in the Central Highlands lasts from May to the end of November. This is the time when nature puts on her new clothes, rivers and streams begin to be filled with water and mountains and forests become more majestic than ever. That is why in July it is great to go to the Central Highlands to watch the falls.

Highlands in season of cascading waterfalls

Highlands in season of cascading waterfalls


This is an indispensable tourist destination in Da Lat. Located at the beginning of Prenn Pass, on Highway 20 from Saigon to Da Lat, 10 km south of the center of Da Lat, Prenn fall looks like a special welcome gate that nature bestows on Da Lat. The water flow of Prenn fall is relatively quiet and calm at a height of 10 meters into the blue lake creating an unforgettable setting for first-time tourists. (View more Prenn fall)


Datanla attracts tourists with its clear water flowing through the 7-storey stone floor and pours down the large stone blocks, splashing over with white foam. Datanla fall is a well-known, beautiful tourist destination in Da Lat. This is where adventure sports like rappelling and rope climbing are reserved for tourists to experience or the challenging and thrilling roller coaster system down the fall. (View more Datanla fall)


The fall will be an interesting destination for tourists who want to learn about the legends of the beautiful hair of Kanai chief and four loyal rhinos. Tourists will be amazed by the 40m high waterfall, nearly 100m wide, curving in the poetical bow shape. Pongour fall was praised by the French as “the most majestic waterfall in Indochina”. King Bao Dai also praised this as “Southern Haven Gate”. (View more Pongour fall)


Nestling in the midst of the serene Ta In forest is the majestic high waterfall. It is the Jráiblian waterfall. The fall has a mysterious, dreamy beauty. Whoever has once come across the fall would probably have an unforgettable impression of the fall as well as its wild beauty amidst the majestic mountains and forests. Jráiblian is a familiar name that the Churu ethnic people in the region often call this majestic fall. Jráiblian means high rock fall. But later on the fall was called Bao Dai Falls, because in his reign, Bao Dai would go hunting in this area. Jr&iblian fall is chosen as a rest area for relaxation after the hunt. (View more Bao Dai fall)


Elephant waterfall, also known as Lieng Leung Rowoa – is closely associated with the love story between a mountain girl and the boy, living in the neighboring village, who went to the battlefield and never came back. This mysterious and romantic fall has been recognized as a national sight relic. The clear water flowing swiftly through the granite mountainside looks spectacular, especially when the bright sunshine illuminates down to the falls splashing on the gorgeous seven-colored rainbow. (View more Elephant fall)


This is the highest waterfall in Lam Dong with a height of over 40m, the water pours white, erupting vapor over the area, creating a poetic scene. It would be interesting if you sit down with a cup of hot “coffee, watching the waterfall, with the vapor hovering over, listening to the wind murmuring in the mountains and forests, and immerge yourself in mother nature. Tourists can leisurely walk about 138 steps down to the cascade or take an elevator or experience the excitement of a great 1,650m roller coaster on their visit. (View more DamBri fall)

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