Homestay in Dalat

Homestay tourism: experiencing Dalat’s farmers lifestyles !

At present, one of the issues of high interest for tourists when they come to Dalat is how they can make full use of their short period of time to both enjoy beautiful scenery of the romantic highland city and have opportunities to experience local culture & people’s lifestyles. That is why the new model of homestay tourism (community-based tourism) tends to “blossom” in recent times.

In order to meet new trends of domestic and foreign tourists Dalat Trip Ltd would like to introduce an interesting and helpful tour “Homestay Da Lat” that can respond to all requirements:

 – Guarantee tourists’ safety.

 – Clean, tidy and well-equipped accommodation.

 – Cosy, friendly ambience.

 – Useful knowledge of local culture.

 – Safe transportation facilities.

During your homestay, you will mingle with simple farmers who make local agricultural products; participate in daily activities, go to market, buy food, cook traditional local dishes, cultivate, look after and harvest crops; study, visit local tourist attractions and relics.

Eliminate gap – Homestay:

These farmers have got an intimate and affectionate lifestyle. Upon receipt of a warm welcome, you will indeed feel as if you were staying in your own home.

Become “amateur” Farmers – Homestay:

with conical hats, boots, how professional you look! The home owner is also your tour guide walking you around the garden, introducing you to the various species of flowers in the garden and the cultivation, care and harvesting processes of each agricultural product. Very soon, you will join new family members to embark on harvesting agricultural products. For lunch, you will cook food with the home owner at the small hut in the garden corner. After lunch, you will take a rest. Then you will help sort out products prior to delivering them to wholesale barns. How happy you feel when you have reaped the fruit ofyour labor! Family gathering: After a day’s hard work, the whole family gathers near the tray of warm and delicious local dishes. Dinner finished, the new family will have a heart-to-heart talk, watch TV and enjoy the sweet- melling flavor of Da Lat green tea and experience specific cultural traits in your new family.

A sound sleep – Homestay:

You will be given a clean, tidy and warm room. In this frequent cold weather, sleeping in a pine wood house (special product of the cold area), burying yourself in the thick woolen blanket, you will sleep soundly and deeply after a day full of emotions, preparing for new joys to come.

A new Joy has arrived – Homestay:

The new day comes, and the home owner and you will make breakfast, enjoying the flavor of Moka coffee or bowls of hot green tea. The wooden door slightly open, you will enjoy to the full the serene, pure and peaceful air of the city at dawn. You feel as if you were lost in the fairyland, where a multitude of blossoming flowers greet the new day, and the pine trees murmure and the birds sing cheerfully in the trees. The morning is so gentle and refreshing.

New knowledge – Homestay:

You will gain new knowledge of how to harvest strawberries with ripe red strawberries that catch your eyes but they are easy to be bruised. Therefore, you must be bery careful. Upon completion of strawberry harvest, you are guided to prune strawberry leaves and classify fruits. Additionally, the “amateur” tour guide will take you to neighboring gardens with various kinds of agricultural products such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cauliflowers, onions, potatoes… and even the gerbera daisies, carnations, gladioluses… You will freely watch them and answer all questions like: How do they grow? How to plant and take care of them?… These are questions that you have previously wondered if you could find a suitable answer.

“Meeting and parting…” – Homestay:

The past happy days shared with your new family have passed and remained in reluctance and regret at the farewell minutes. But this moment is a commitment to a return. Now you have new friends, new address, new family to visit on your next trip to Da Lat. And with all the knowledge and valuable experience during your stay, you will enrich your experiences in life and be more successful.

Some photos of Dalat Homestay (click for full size view)

Details of cost of Dalat homestay

We stop to operate the homestay service. But you can still have this service by Mr. Nam from Dalat Home (website:


Simple, airy, clean accommodation with good facilities: Hot and cold water heater, TV, VCD.. 03 meals/day, enjoying the highland specialities.


Means of transportation. Admission fees at tourist attractions in your itinerary.


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  1. Marie-Theresa Lohr, 10 years ago

    I am travelling Vietnam for one month, today I will arrive in Fa Lat.
    How cab I findca homestay in Dalat?

    Thank you,
    Best wishes,

    Marie – Theresa Lohr

    • DALAT TRIP TEAM, 10 years ago

      You can contact Ms.Vy, she is a student with running a free English class for residents and students in Dalat. She will arrange her home for you.
      Her contact 0986506160