The Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012

Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012 under the theme “fragrance of plateau” take place from Dec 21st 2012 to Dec 28th 2012 in Bao Loc city and extend: Da Lat City, Bao Lam district, Di Linh district. The program as follows:


Main Programs of Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012:

1. Opening Ceremony of Lam Dong Tea Culture Week 2012:

Time: 8:00pm, Dec 21st 2012 (Friday) – Venue: 28/3 Square.

2. Closing Ceremony of Lam Dong Tea Culture Week 2012 :

Time: 8:00 pm, Dec 28th 2012 – Venue: 28/3 Square, Bao Loc City.

3. The 4th Tea International Seminar :

Time: One day (from 21st to 23th), Dec 2012 – Venue: Seri Hotel (Bao Loc).

4. Tea Field Exhibition Activities:

Time: Dec 21st to 28th 2012 – Venue: Upstream of Dong Nai lake.

5. Exhibition of history of tea industry:

Time: From 21st to 28th, Dec, 2012 – Venue: Tram Anh Tea Company, Hoa Tai Ngoc Chau Private Company.


Responding Programs of Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012:

1. Street festival:
Time: 2 days – from 20th to 21st Dec 2012 – Venue: All central streets of Bao Loc City, Bao Lam and Di Linh districts

2. Tour to visit tea area:
Time: Dec 22nd 2012 (Saturday) – Venue: Bao Loc City, Bao Lam Dist, Di Linh Dist, Da Lat City.

3. “Highland tea city” program:
Time: 8 days – From 21st to 28th Dec 2012 – Venue: Main streets of Bao Loc and Dalat cities.

4. Pick Tea Leaves Contest Festival:
Time: Dec from 21st to 28th 2012 – Venue: + Semi round: Bao Loc, Bao Lam, Di Linh.
Final round: DamB’ri Farm (Tam Chau Company).

5. “Tam Chau Tea night, Tram Anh Tea night” program and The Tea night program of other companies in Lam Dong :
Time: 07:30pm – From 22nd to 27th Dec 2012 – Venue: At Tea Companies in Bao Loc.

6. Contest about Tea and Life:
Time: Dec 23rd 2012 – Venue: Bao Lam District.

7. “ The voice of tea land” Letters and Art Party:
Time: 2 days + Semi round: Dec 22nd 2012 – Final round: Dec 26th 2012 – Venue: Di Linh Cultural Center.

8. Other Cultural – Sport Activities:
Football Tournament of Tea villages and Tea Companies:
Time: From 22ndto 28th Dec 2012 – Venue: Ha Giang Football Field

Children Painting Competition with title “My homeland’s beauty”:
Time: 23th Dec 2012 – Venue: Bao Loc Park (in front of Bao Loc People’s Committee).

Arrange Flowers Competition with the subject “ Happy Spring”:
Time: Dec 24th 2012 – Venue: The City Children House.

Bao Loc Hip-Hop Open Tournament and other Active Games:
Time: From 22ndto 27th, Dec, 2012 – Place: 28/3 Square.

Art Photos Exhibition:
Time: From 21st to 28th, Dec, 2012 – Place: Park in front of Bao Loc People’s Committee.


To the event, visitors have opportunity to admire how to brew variety kinds of teas, enjoy free the flavor of Bao Loc tea and many kinds of teas all over the country. This is also a chance for visitors to visit famous scenic sites as Dambri Waterfall (Bao Loc) – one of the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls in Lam Dong.

Held once every two years, the Lam Dong Tea Culture Week (also called tea festival is an opportunity to introduce and affirm brand of Bao Loc tea to international and domestic tourists as well as promote tea land of Bao Loc as an ideal stopover for tourists on journey to discover Dalat – Le petit Paris.


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