New Rice Ceremony of K’Ho People

Overview of  New Rice Ceremony of K’Ho People in Dalat

New Rice Ceremony is one of the traditional activities of Ma, K’ho ethnic groups in B’lao, Baoloc town. This festival occurs nearly at the time with Tet Holiday of Viet people. This ceremony is celebrated to pray for obtaining favorable weather and preventing wild animals from destructing planting fields. The ceremony of new rice worship is a convention to remind the offspring of appreciating paddles and rice. The worship ritual is composed of newly harvested jasmine rice, a pitcher of Can wine, a cockerel, a hog and wild hunted animals. The ceremony is held along with prayer to Yang by religious masters and then wine will be splashed to people for best wishes to them. The festival ands with drinking wine, singing and dancing during the night up to the following morning.

Source: Patriarch of hamlet 5 – Loc Tan commune. TIPC Lamdong recorded

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