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Every year, the “National Tourism Year” chooses a theme associated with important events of the country and the localities (province, region) to organize activities. For instance, this year, the theme of the national tourism year 2014, Central Highlands – Da Lat called “Central Highlands Deep Forests” is organized mainly in Lam Dong.

One of key activities of Vietnam tourism from 2003 until now is the “National Tourism Year” event under the direction of VNAT (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism) of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In 2004, VNAT chose Dalat city of Lam Dong province to host the national tourism year with the “Central Highlands Deep Forests” theme and defined it as a socio – economic, cultural event on the national & international level. And up to now, the 2014 National Year, Central Highlands – Dalat has gone half way.

One of the objectives of the national tourism year event set by organizers is promoting the image of Viet Nam tourism and at the same time promoting images of local or regional tourism where the event is hosted.

As planned, The National Tourism Year 2014 Central Highlands – Da Lat is organized in mainly Lam Dong – Da Lat, and with the active participation of four Central Highlands provinces i.e., Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak and Dac Nong. So far – in August 2014, The National Tourism Year 2014, Central Highlands – Da Lat has gone half way with many activities that deeply impressed tourists; of which are the artful musical performance in the opening ceremony (December 31, 2013 night) with the theme “Da Lat flower color convergence gala concert”. In this opening ceremony, with various scenes like “reminiscence of flower charm”; “flower town”; “Legend of roses”; “Da Lat spring flowers”… the performance not only introduced to tourists an overview of Da Lat, but also a flower city with nice, elegant and hospitable residents. On at present, with the “Central Highlands Thrilling Summer” theme, Da Lat with the national tourism year 2014, Central Highlands – Da Lat has attracted many tourists thanks to various activities of tourism bodies, travel agencies that organize cultural, sightseeing tours to visit beauty spots, famous tourist attractions such as the Valley of Love, Dreaming Hill, Bao Dai Palace, Datanla Waterfall, Dam Briwaterfal, Cu Lan village, Madagui Forest Tourist Resort…

Gong Chime performance

Gong Chime performance

Hopefully, with activities from the beginning of this year until now, and with high appreciation of tourists, Lam Dong in particular and the Central Highlands in general will fulfill their “mission” of promoting Viet Nam tourism on a regional and international basis as per expectation of the organizers of the national tourism year 2014, Central Highlands – Da Lat. Looking to the future from now to end of 2014, Lam Dong, the host of the national tourism year 2014, Central Highlands – Da lat event – has lots of things to fulfill: Artful Brocade Festival and performance of Central Highlands Costume; Viet Nam Film Week in Da Lat; Cultural, Sports & Tourism Day of ethnic minorities in Central Highlands, the 2nd International Gong & Chime Festival…

So far, as mentioned above, the National Tourism Year 2014, Central Highlands – Da Lat of “Central Highlands Deep Forests” theme has gone half way. Nearly the remaining way with lots of activities will hopefully be a breakthrough in promoting images of local tourism and Vietnam tourism as per expectation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism in organizing annual national tourism activities.

By Khac Dung

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