Significant playground for school-age youth in Dalat

Ecotourism and environmental education – a new type of tourism developed in the past two years by the authorities of the Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park (headquarters located in Da Nhim village, Lac Duong district, Dalat) has received positive interest,  support and active participation of the society, especially, high school & university students,…

Majestic nature

For thousands of years on Lam Vien plateau there existed two highest mountain peaks covered with flowing mist and have become the symbol and pride of the indigenous people (Ko Ho,  Ma,  Churu…) The two peaks are separated by over 50km along Southern Truong Son mountain range and extending to Lac Duong district,  namely,  Langbian peak (or Nui Ba)  of 2.167m high in Lat village and Bidoup peak of 2,287m high in Da Nhim village.  The highest Bidoup peak is known as the Roof of the Central Highlands”  the origin of the two longest rivers in Viet Nam:  Dong Nai river(originated from Lam Dong)  and Serépok river (formed and flowed across Dak Lak province)…

Coming to Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park,  we are really amazed at a vast natural space and green forests.  waterfalls,  beautiful flowers and animals:  there are lots of species of endemic flora and fauna.  With climatic,  natural and biodiversity advantage.  Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park is opening up prospects of developing ecotourism,  in association with environmental education, the target of which has been aimed at by the board of directors of the National Park.  After 10 years establishment.  Bidoup Nui Ba National Park has so far formed operating apparatus to exploit tours,  tourist lines serving customers and scientific researches here.

Bidoup Nui Ba Natinal Park

Bidoup Nui Ba Natinal Park

However,  due to low educational standards.  awareness of protection of nature and environment of the local ethnic minorities around the National Park has shown lots of inadequacies.  The Management Board of the Bidoup Nui Ba National Park has defined 6 challenges (illegal exploitation,  hunting and of forest by.  trapping,  forest fires,  e products,  that directly threaten forest conservation and biodiversity at the National Park.

What to do to both exploit the natural advantages of types of activities like sightseeing,  scientific research and protect the environment at the Bidoup Nui Ba National Park.  On 23/02/2011,  Lam Dong People’s Committee issued Decision to establish the Education Center Ecotourism &  Environmental (belonging to Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park).  Its function is to organize ecotourism &  environmental education activities for tourists and the community,  especially for high school and university students.  Bidoup Nui Ba National Park contains lot of unique habitats typical vegetation,  primeval forests,  majestic landscape with high mountains such as Bidoup mountain peak, Langbiang, Hon Giao, Cong Troi,  Gia Rich and many rivers,  streams,  with beautiful waterfalls like Thien Thai,  KLong KLanh,  Heaven Gate,  Lieng Dang.

Significant playground for high shcool and university students

Based on natural advantages,  from 2012 to date,  the Management Board of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park has organized many sightseeing tours and tourist routes which have attracted numerous tourists,  especially foreign tourists and students… Coming to the National Park, tourists will explore natural landscape, conquer high mountains,  contemplate majestic beautiful waterfalls and study the biodiversity in primeval forests.  Every year,  Bidoup-Nui Ba Nationa Park attracts nearly 5,000 tourist arrivals:  in the first 6 months of 2014 there are 3,389 tourist arrivals (of which 1.736 are students).  However attracting tourists does not mean to increase turnover,  but introduce a new type of tourism activities:  sightseeing and research:  thereby enhancing the love for nature,  rare and precious flora and fauna, calling communities to join hands to conserve,  preserve forests and biodiversity,  a national precious asset.  In 2013 2014, the Ecotourism &  Education Center belonging to Bidoup Environmental Nui Ba National Park)  in association with relevant ecotourism&  environmental bodies organized education activities for tourists and students.  Mr.  Nguyen Luong Minh (Director of Bidoup Nui Ba Education Center said,  Ecotourism&  Environmental currently,  his Center has linked with several schools and organized sightseeing and scientific research activities at the National park for instance, HCMC-  University, Da Lat University,  based Agro-Forestry HCMC-based Natural Science University:  HCMC-  based Ton Duc Thang University and continues to promote activities to secondary and high schools in Khanh Hoa,  HCMC…

Team Building Activities in Dalat

Team Building Activities in Dalat

Apart from Lam Dong,  the Center has coordinated with the school managing board and youth union of some schools in Lac Duong district and Da Lat city to organize useful activities like printing posters,  leaflets fliers with content and messages as propagation,  printing and distributing 300 notebooks (with cover page and flyleaf with printed content of environmental education)  to students of 7 secondary and high schools of Da Sar,  Da Nhim,  Long Lanh villages,  boarding schools for ethnic students,  Pang Tieng,  Lan Tranh,  Dung Kno of Lac Duong district.  Through these media publications to encourage people,  students and tourists to realize the value of forests,  rare and precious flora and fauna:  benefits of forest protection and development,  preservation of natural resources, promoting community participation and protection natural resources of the country development of Particularly,  the Center authorities have coordinated with the Biology department of Da Lat University to compile the “Environmental Education”  document for students of grade 6 to grade 12 and distribute to students in schools.  The content of these documents shows propaganda education in programs of environmental accordance with age and knowledge of students.  For instance,  material or grade 6 contains the following themes: “the role of flora”, “study of insects”,  Grade 7 program: “Forest means living environment”:  grade 8 program wildlife grade 12 program Studying about rare needle-leaf species”.

Additionally,  the Center authorities actively coordinate with schools to establish “green clubs” with the participation of 240 students:  frequently appointing cadres to organize activities, provide trees,  flowers for students to plant tend and organize review, reward students’  good participation in these activities.  Particularly, the program links, supports students in sightseeing outdoor tours activities and scientific or in educational researches at Bidoup Nui Ba National Park and receive lots of students and parents positive response.

We can say that, community-based ecotourism&  environmental education promoted by Bidoup Nui Ba natonal Park authorities is currently a new,  useful type of tourism-a playground of immense significance for school-age youth today…

 By Thanh Duong Hong

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