Stream Genie Worship Ceremony

Overview of Stream Genie Worship Ceremony in Highlands

It is one of the most important festivities of Ma minority people. It is organized in the middle of March every year with the purpose of expressing their gratitude towards Water God for the luck. Also, they wish the good things for next year.

In other to do the ceremony, people here choose a good day to tidy their village, stream and water-spout. Then, they kill pigs and chickens to worship some of their God such as Land God, Water God, Mountain God and their ancestors. All people gather at ther chosen stream. The magician does the ceremony with full of offerings including pork, chicken and their blood.

The Stream must be decorated a leave gate, a pole look like the Neu. After the magician finishes, people put water into some of their containers and bring to their home.

At the same time, some people go together with the magician, coming to every house to pray and sprinkle animal blood into the foot of stairs. This means the luck will come to their house.

Then, all people gather in the general house to eat meat. Drink wine and dance.

Source: Patriarch of BonDor hamlet – Lat commune. TIPC Lamdong recorded

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