The 9th ANFPWG on Coffee & The 8th ANFPWG on Tea in Dalat

Dalat/Vietnam has organized the 9th Meeting of ASEAN National Focal Point Working Group (ANFPWG) on Coffee on June 12th, 2013 and the 8th ASEAN National Focal Point Working Group (ANFPWG) on Tea on June 13th, 2013 in Dalat city. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 participants, consisting of the Delegation of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia.

“ASEAN National Focal Point Working Group (ANFPWG) on Coffee & Tea is one of the forum coordination of ASEAN member countries in order to improve the potential of the coffee & tea industry through exchange of information on technology, research and development to trade.”

The HET Team of DALATTRIP was pleasant to be part of organizing members as well as the majored support of Thai Lan Coffee & Tea Association during meetings and Vietnam trip.



The session discussed topic on the certification of coffee which was also became the theme of ASEAN International Seminar on Coffee that was held the day before. ASEAN is currently the world’s largest producer of Robusta coffee which handles approximately 54% of world production, so there is discourse in order to improve to cover 85% of ASEAN exports Robusta.

Vietnam and Indonesia as the two major coffee producing countries of the world have the view that the coffee certification is required but must consider the burden that will be affected to farmers. Certification is expected would benefit to the farmers that will help to increase their income. In addition, the certification scheme must be done in a way that is simple and does not burden farmers. This view is also supported by other ASEAN member countries.

Vietnam presented the ASEAN Training activities on Coffee Production, Processing and Marketing and Study on Finding Solution to Improve Quality and Food Safety and has received support from the meeting members and subsequently will be forwarded to the ASEAN Secretariat to have funding aid.

The meeting also discussed the training and study of coffee for the ASEAN member countries with topics of training scope are productivity, processing the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), quality and safety, as well as improved supply chain and marketing. The role of private sector also needed to be improved. CCA as a representative of the private sector is expected to optimize its role to support programs that have been agreed in ANFPWG on Coffee.


Vietnam, as the Lead Country for ANFPWG on Tea have conveyed the importance of the tea producing countries, especially for tea farmers because mostly the cultivation of tea done by farmers with relatively small estates. On The 8th ANFPWG on Tea, Vietnam briefed the meeting about the background, objectives in order to get views and feedback from ASEAN member countries. Furthermore, the meeting proposes to bring these ideas to the respective governments and the Senior Officials’ Meeting Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (SOM-AMAF) to have their input.


An important activitie that related to Vietnam’s responsibilities are organizing the Tea and Coffee Tour Dalat for Delegates visiting Thai Hoa Coffee Factory and Lam Ha Coffee Plantation in the morning 14th June 2013 & visiting Cau Dat Tea Factory and Cau Dat Tea Plantation in the afternoon 14th June 2013.

Delegates also had an intimate dinner at luxury restaurants along with cultural and artistic activities of local ethnic minorities.

By Phong Nguyen

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