The moments make an impressive Da Lat in the heart of tourists

Da Lat – the dreaming city of fog is for long considered one of the most beautiful destinations of Vietnam. This place attracts tourists by its peaceful valleys, its mountains covering mysterious beauty and hundreds of flower species of brilliant colors showing off their beautiful colors.

At the end of winter, the wild sunflowers are blooming around the city

Not only that, Da Lat also attracts tourists upon their arrival to the city, with unforgettable wonderful moments that cannot be found in other places. Dalat is the land of thousands of flowers so perhaps any beautiful moment of Da Lat is always associated with a famous type of famous flowers. And you will find this perfectly true when coming to this foggy city at the end of winter, when the wild sunflowers are blooming. At this time around the streets of Dalat, from the winding road of the pass, the valleys on both sides of the national road, all are covered with yellow flowers, even at the foot of the cold concrete walls, arises a stem of wild flowers.

wild sunflowers are blooming

wild sunflowers are blooming

And the moment that you will never forget is when standing on the top of the pass looking at the vast yellow space, watching the carpet of wild sunflowers fluttering to the winds and feeling the wild flower aroma. Then you will feel yourself small and realize that you will keep the image of this beautiful, vivid species of wildflowers forever in your heart.

It can be said that there are rare places of sad rains like Dalat

It seems that Da Lat fascinates tourists because the rain drops are the very moments that stay forever in their mind when they think of this dreamy city. In Da Lat, there are no heavy rains or noisy sounds beating the roof of any house. The rain in Da Lat comes without any warning sign, making people surprised, and then quickly goes, leaving regrets in people’s heart. Rain comes gently and hastily. On a summer afternoon, you walk leisurely on the narrow streets, characteristic of the plateau city, suddenly the grey clouds fill the sky then rain pours down and people are caught in the rain. The cold and wet makes those in love get closer together, others wish to find a warm hand, and some other people remember their sweet past. Who you are is not important, the moment of rain in Dalat usually brings you the unforgettable echoes of the past.

Dalat - sad rain

Dalat – sad rain

Autumn on the land of Dalat is so beautiful

You will never believe that even in our country there is a place where autumn is so beautiful, until you come across a moment of autumn on the land of Dalat. This land has been mysterious, but the melancholy autumn with white fog covering the city and the falling leaves really impress tourists.

autumn on the land of Dalat

autumn on the land of Dalat

Dalat Autumn is not filled with the fragrance of the milk flowers, there are no shining afternoons that illuminate through the door frame, only the dusky grey clouds. Walking on the sidewalk of a certain street when the temperature is lower, feeling the smell of the cold but scented fog clinging to your hair, your feet accidentally tread on the dry leaves lying on the surface of the road, you will realize how much this land is calm and peaceful!

Do not miss the moment the city wakes up to greet dawn

If you come to Da Lat, definitely do not miss the moment the city wakes up to greet dawn. When the night dew has not vanished and the plateau sunshine has just risen warmly, do get up and put on a thin sweater and visit Xuan Huong Lake or drop by the Rooster church, the city flower park … At this time all wake up after their sleep, fresher, more youthful in the middle of the city with many old things. Then get on the motorbike, run deep into the roads through the woods with wet leaves to welcome the sunshine glistened with drops of dew, feel the smell of pine sap filling up the air, then you will realize the virgin city.

to greet dawn in Dalat

to greet dawn in Dalat

There are many wonderful moments in this dreamy land which make an impressive Da Lat in the heart of tourists. Come, discover and feel the special moments and you will definitely love this city. Then do not hesitate, book a hotel room for yourself and head to Dalat, and do not forget to record impressive moments of this beautiful city of flowers.

By Nha Phuong

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