The Symphony of Dalat Spring

I understand the eternal laws of heaven and earth, that is, when summer ends we welcome autumn, winter goes and spring comes; but, to me, when spring gently spreads her glittering gold beads over the earth. I am under the impression that i were a traveler, walking in all street corners, watching the flowers bloom in the immense Dalat city. This spring, i feel as if the petals of the cherry-like apricot blossoms became much more brilliant, shimmering in a festival called Cherry-like Apricot Blossoms Festival held here for the first time.

Spring has come

I am like the traveler fascinated by the branches of the cherry-like apricot trees towering to the endless blue sky and reflecting on the quiet water surface of Xuan Huong lake. How many years have passed, I really do not remember, the time when I was a young man of about 20, I was infatuated by the dark brown, rough branches, carving into the sky many shapes and lines… l love the pink color of the fruit, like the color on the cheeks of the young girls reaching the age of puberty; I love the winding roads, full of pink colors, the brilliant Cherry-like apricot blossoms on hillsides, blooming in full after a harsh, chilly winter.

Dalat in Spring

Dalat in Spring

Spring comes! Quietly I watch the cherry blossoms, and suddenly l hear the lyrics resounding Whoever goes to the land of cherry blossoms brings back home a branch of flowers/help me to reduce dreaming when watching the distant clouds drifting away in late afternoons My love has left, yet I still long for her So many years have passed, however soul is still entangled At this hour I look at the my and dream about the flower color on her smog cheeks.

Dalat in spring is covered with colorful flowers in all the ways

But, Dalat in spring obtains not only cherry-like apricot blossoms as a herald of the coming New Year but also thousands of species of beautiful flowers, from the wild flowers living on the essence of Mother Nature yet their beauty fascinates spectators, to the noble flowers that “loathe sunny weather, rain is not favored”, kinky in”castles” and in spring send millions of beautiful flowers. Dalat in spring is covered with colorful flowers in all the ways, on roofs; flowers grow in a hustle in the grass of the forest; flowers climb up the fence; flowers hanging in the air, flowers blooming in deep valleys, shimmering flowers hanging on the trunks, branches and leaves; Flowers crawl on the ground and suddenly the pristine petals fly in the breeze. A thousand flowers species, millions of spring flowers have woven a special color for Dalat the reminiscent color that fascinates the traveler.

cherry blossom in Spring

cherry blossom in Spring

Enjoy the full flavor of Da Lat spring

I love Dalat, not only because of the romance of Earth and Heaven, but also because every time when spring comes, I feel like being transformed into a traveler walking along flowering streets quietly counting the drops of spring time passing, hearing her gentle, pure caressing over my face.

It is said that spring is the season of harmony between heaven and earth; between people and flowers. Flowers filled people with happiness; Flowers lit the faith of loving life, with dreams and hopes.

Trees sprout new leaves, flowers sprout buds to welcome spring; some people welcome spring with nostalgia and past reminiscences that are not buried by the dust of time. As for me, I like to welcome spring the way I welcome my bosom friend with passionate feelings of love.

Xuan Huong lake in Spring

Xuan Huong lake in Spring

No one ever knows when spring arrives, followed by Tet, the people offer each other warm feelings that in everyday life they sometimes forget. And also every time spring covers heaven and earth with her special color, people utter each other good wishes, all sorrow, anger, jealousy in the chaos of everyday life suddenly disappears, leaving only the smile on their lips. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong when someone said: Spring the sympathetic season, the season of tolerance and love, filled with human love. Feel free to ask: Does spring deliver flowers to people? And do feel free to reply: The flowers are the spring messengers, the messengers of the holy, sincere beauty, from the beautiful scenery through human souls.

Spring has come, friends! Whether you are a traveler or a wanderer, then please join me and enjoy the full flavor of Dalat spring; let’s pray the spirit of spring always stays in this world forever.

By Van Toa

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