Xuan Huong lake, aprecious gem of Da Lat land

Although Xuân Hương Lake does not carry with it any legend, its perfect beauty and special location makes it a shining gem, a precious thing that adorns this city of a thousand flowers. Whether you are a local resident or a traveler, a visit to this place will create in you an unforgettable feeling and emotion in front of the romantic and attractive beauty of this national landscape. No one could ignore this spot when they come to the city.

Xuan Huong lake is the major layout of the city center

Originally, it was a small stream flowing past the swamps and rice fields near a residential place of the Lạch ethnic people– a group of K’Ho people, hence the name was associated with the name of Đà Lạt . In 1919, thanks to the initiative of Ambassador Cunhac, people blocked the current of the stream to raise water flow into a lake, and through a number of new and renovation constructions, in 1953 the lake was renamed from the Great lake into Xuân Hương lake. Located in the heart of the city at the altitude of 1478m above sea level, with water surface area of about 32 ha, and average depth of 1.5m Xuân Hương lake from the above height looks like a slender crescent moon covering the deep green pine hills. Xuân Hương lake is the major layout of the city center, a meeting place of hotels, commons, green pine trees. The lakeside roads with winding sections hidden under the canopy of leaves make people feel relaxed and bringing the feeling of an enlarged lake surface. The lake is both a scenic spot and a climate control to moderate the weather and keep it cool and fresh on summer afternoons.

Xuan Huong lake or Spring lake

Xuan Huong lake or Spring lake

Xuan Huong lake is referred to as the heart of the city

A masterpiece created by the blending of Nature’s gift and the creativity of human beings. Whether the water surface is slightly rippling, reflecting the clouds from the sky, or heavy with silt in the rainy season; the sunset reflects the shimmering city on the water surface; in spring the apricot cherry blossoms showing off their beauty or the purple jacaranda blossoms in summer; at dawn, the mist wandering over the water surface, the yellow sunlight covering the city in the late afternoon, the rainy days shedding rain drops on the city…. The scenery and the water surface change quite often every season but always keep the eternal beauty that stirs people’s heart. Xuân Hương lake is the hallmark to create the attractiveness and characteristics of Đà Lạt.

Sunset on the lake

Sunset on the lake


A gem in the heart of the flower city

Xuân Hương lake is a destination of both local residents and travelers who wish to seek relaxation, a retreat to be immersed in nature so that they can feel the peaceful and calm atmosphere … You can choose a refreshment shop by the lake to sip a cup of coffee after rambling across roads, in the quiet space and cool weather and listening to the sweet melodious tune of the song “Ai lên xứ hoa đào dừng chân bên hồ nghe chiều rơi”(Whoever comes to the land of the apricot cherry blossoms, stops at the lake and feel the sunset falling), far away is the tower of the Teachers’ Training College in the slender veil of mist; you will feel the harmony of the vegetation and human beings, and a peace of mind, all daily sorrows and hardships seem to vanish, replaced by a surprisingly strange relaxation. Take a walk round the lake at sunset to experience a special feeling and inhale the cool air, watching the horse carriage clattering on the road, a horse grazing grass leisurely on the lakeside, a couple of foreigners playing with the baby, groups of youth organizing outdoor activities or ride tandem bicycles, or people jogging …Lovers walk slowly under the line of trees. Then they stop by an old tree trunk to enjoy a plate of “ xắp xắp”, plus a hot soy milk glass, looking at the meat skewer over the coal stove, in the cold air you smell the odor of the baked sweet potatoes and corn … suddenly you feel the delicious odor of very simple dishes and realize that you have been fascinated by the street dishes on this land and are determined to try them all.

Xuan Huong lake with cherry blossom

Xuan Huong lake with cherry blossom

Xuân Hương lake was recognized as a national landscape in 1988, over almost one century, the lake still remains beautiful and attractive like a beautiful young girl, and is praised as a gem in the heart of the flower city, thus creating attractiveness for Đà Lạt tourism brand name.

Upon construction completion of Lâm Viên Square project and other infrastructure projects, Xuân Hương lake will become the center of cultural and entertainment activities both for the local people and tourists, thus its value will be doubled, and the precious gem will be more brilliant, and remain a precious thing of the land of the apricot cherry blossoms.

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