Cam Ly church


Cam Ly church (also called Son Cuoc church) in Dalat

Cam Ly church or church or Son Cuoc church of Vietnam Catholic Church in the Dalat city. The church serves mainly for ethnic minorities.

History of Cam Ly Church

The church is an architectural style unique in the architecture of the Central Highland. Of the nearly 100 Catholic buildings appear in Da Lat from the 1920s to the 1960s, Cam Ly church was built for people of ethnic minorities, so it carries a unique tone different to the synagogue for Business. Those artifacts should the church expressed “cultural integration” through the art of architecture when the gods face to face integration of Yang (sun), but the people here have thousands of years of worship. (Yang: God of the ethnic minorities).

Cam Ly church Dalat

Cam Ly church in Dalat city

Birth to the idea of ​​the house of God and Yang is the French priest Boutary and successfully expressed the idea that contractors Nguyen Thanh Ho. The project was started late in 1959 and completed eight years later. Horizontal, two chapel-like roof ax, steep 17m, which is 80,000 roofing tiles with a total weight equivalent to 90 tons. To withstand the weight of the house with columns, truss, brace with concrete, steel and timber, foundations of the work has been reinforced very carefully. Private foundations contractor was hard to do in half nam.Truoc church main entrance are two iconic tiger and phoenix – the familiar creatures in reality and in the sense of ethnic minorities. Tiger symbolizes strength and shows to the Phoenix wise.

Son Cuoc church Dalat

Also called with another name is Son Cuoc church

Architecture of Cam Ly church

On the other hand, the artifacts also for underground von Shanghai residents have not painted nature like forest, but which has become the good, subdued sound like the phoenix by religious dogma. The same thinking, the cathedral interior also appears many other animal pictures show personalities such as the clarity of the deer, the closeness of birds and fish … Especially at the foot of the cross, next to the sanctuary with a suspended three-headed wood buffalo in order of high and low. Buffalo is the mascot that minorities in the Central Highlands are often used as items to “communicate” with their Yang, in this case the glass offered to God as a message expressing devotion.

architecture of Cam Ly church

Architecture of Cam Ly church

After three large interior door to the chapel area of ​​400m ², has a mysterious space, serious medium-intensive spacious, bohemian. The feeling is partly due to the effectiveness of the solution architecture. Connect with walls hung with a height of about 3m built of stone splitting system is windows blue-brown-yellow in the wood frame. The adjacent door frame and adjacent roof truss 20 along with the corresponding stylized pattern from the Central Highlands which is the main square and triangle – represents the moon and sun in the motif of the native conception of the universe. Symmetrical to the left is 16 petroglyphs, including 14 pictures describing the stages of the passion of Jesus and his life on victims, Easter … Here, along with installation art and architectural solutions, the the artifact was a harmonious combination between thinking and successful rustic, nature of the people of ethnic minorities with religious philosophy and a deep clone.

The map of Cam Ly church

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