Cultural beauty in Bok Bơ Mung Festival of Chu Ru ethnic group

Among many traditional and customary rituals of Churu ethnic minority people – one of the three indigenous peoples, are several agricultura ceremonies such as: Dike Genie worship. Paddy plant Genie rice when seeds are sown, New Rice Crop celebration, Post-harvest celebration, etc. The most outstanding ritual is the Bok Bomung (Irrigation Genie worship Ritual)

Bok Bomung festival is usually organized in January or February every year

When rice harvest is finished and to mark previous strenuous year, Churu ethnic minority people usually celebrate Bob Bomung to thank God Bomung for a bumper crop and good health… The people in charge of the worship and celebration of God Bomung are the 2 sorcerers, most respected by the villagers and named “Pơ lát” and “Chơm Lây”.

One of the most beautiful traits in traditional festivals of Churu ethnic minority people, especially in the Bok Bomung ceremony is the villagers always trust and delegate this important duty to the two sorcerers in the discussion with the village chief to organize the festival. To contribute to a successful and smooth festival, the Churu always hand in plentiful offerings such as chicken eggs, chicken, duck, fruit, ect.

Chu Ru Ethnic Minority People

Chu Ru Ethnic Minority People

The Bok Bomung festival lasts 3 days

From early morning the villagers gather in very front of the ground of the communal house and it has almost been a rule that everybody keeps quiet and forms two straight lines: one line for males and the other females. Afterwards, the sorcerers will give each party a pair of chickens to prepare a feast and offer to Bomung to thank God for the blessings bestowed to the villagers and also pray for better health, strong solidarity, abundant crops, and a comfortable life… After that, everybody brings in their family’s offerings into Bomung shrine to worship and then sit together to talk, eat and drink and sing and dance until midnight. On the morning of the second day, the sorcerers prepare other offerings to submit to Bomung but this time, apart from common offerings like chicken,alcohol… the sorcerers cut the goat’s throat to catch blood from its body to worship Yang (God). On the last day of the Bok Bo mung ceremony, after praying, the sorcerers will distribute equal food to the villagers. The most specific trait in this ceremony is when the ceremony is over, the villagers become closer to one another, they talk and share difficulties in life. animosity and enmity is released, and they wish happiness for everybody.

Bok Bomung is one of the traditional festivals of the Churu in Lam Dong province. Participating in this ceremony the villagers interact, communicate, through which their own religion is preserved; however, these festivals have gradually sunk into oblivion over the time, and at present, just some remote tribal villagers still celebrate it.

By Ha Hanh

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