Top 5 drinks must try once when traveling to Dalat

It has been a long time since you stopped here, where it is likened to the “miniature Paris” painting. Attracting a large number of tourists because of what nature offers, good drinks in Dalat still hold the tourist’s feed who do not want to leave. Here are 5 drinks that you once tried when you arrived here.

Strawberry juice

Dalat drinks - strawberry juice

Dalat drinks – strawberry juice

Not only is a nutritious drink including Vitamin C, substances like Fe, K, and Na… Strawberry juice is also a good cooling drink for a tired day.

Dalat is one of the famous areas for planting strawberry, so strawberry juice becomes Dalat’s famous drink because of the purity and quality that it brings. It is wonderful for after a tired discovering day, you can enjoy a delicious drink to cool down.

This drink of Dalat is famous, beside the refreshment; it also has a great use to protect health. Strawberry juice is good for the eyes, reducing blood fatand excellent anti-inflammatory. For girls who need to lose their weight, strawberry juice is an appropriate drink.

You can find strawberry juice everywhere in the city. In Dalat, there are hundreds of establishments producing and processing this drink.

Soy milk

Soy milk - familiar drink of Dalat people

Soy milk – familiar drink of Dalat people

Soy milk may not be unfamiliar to every Vietnamese, but this familiar Dalat drink brings a new flavor that does not mix with any place. The recipe for making this drink is not complicated by pure Vietnamese ingredients. Through the hands of the person who soaked, grinded and heated it up, there was a great cup of hot soy milk.

Enjoy this famous Dalat drink must come with a plate of pastry to feel the attractiveness and sweetness of milk. Almost every street or market has shops selling soy milk. However, there are addresses that become brand names along the way Tang Bat Ho that is delicious and affordable. The weather will be cold; you sip a glass of hot soy milk with a sensual milk flavor, enchanting like this land.

Passion fruit juice

Dalat drinks - Passion juice

Dalat drinks – Passion juice

It is named the famous Dalat drink without mixing anywhere. Passion fruit juice is found in almost of small and big streets. This is a nutritious drink with added potassium, iron and excellent fiber supplement for the body.

Dalat passion fruit juice specialty is made of selected passion fruit. There are many types for you to choose with a reasonable price and a special type of more than 500 ml costing 10,000 VND per bottle, more than 1000 ml costing over 20,000 VND per bottle. Dalat pure drinks are good for health, cardiovascular and resistance.

Do not know from whenever, the passion fruit juice became a specialty dish of Dalat. Visitors can take with you to cool down when necessary. And you will have enough energy to discover this entire poetic city.

Mulberry juice

Dalat drinks - a sweet and pure mulberry juice

Dalat drinks – a sweet and pure mulberry juice

In the hot summer, enjoying a glass of fruit juice is great. Fruit drinks not only bring a refreshing feeling but are good for the heart, kidney, and blood.

How to use: Mix 1 part of the juice with 3 parts of filtered water (depending on your taste you can add the juice) to get a cup of delicious mulberry juice. Add some ice and enjoy it.

Note when using mulberry juice, because the strawberry flavor is cool, so those who suffer from stomachache, diarrhea… should not use. On the other hand, the mulberry engraves metal, so you must use the enameled pot and the clay pot.

Mulberry juice became famous Dalat drink not only serving domestic customers but also exporting to foreign markets. Mulberry juice becomes a brand that cannot be mixed with any place.

Dalat wine

Wine - Dalat's famous drink

Wine – Dalat’s famous drink

Dalat wine is original from France under the skilled hands of artisans. In this dreamy land, the wine has become a famous drink in Dalat. Dalat wine brings a distinct flavor does not mix with any place.

Dalat wine is widely distributed in the market throughout the country and abroad. Dalat wine with extremely rich products, high quality and carefully selected such as: Dalat wine – Premium, Dalat Red Wine, Dalat white wine. There are meaningful products as gifts for loved ones with 4 names that are named after precious flowers such as Pensee, Wil Rose, La Tulipe, and Maguerite.

Pride of Dalat people

Wine is the pride of Dalat but its price is more expensive than other drinks here because of its luxuriousness and arrogance. The popular wine bottles have prices from 80.000 VND to more than 100.000 VND; famous types with more typical flavors are slightly more expensive than 250.000 VND 300.000 VND and the quality much better than the popular low-cost ones.

Dalat often takes place on wine contests to select the best flavors. It became ambassadors for Vietnam wine abroad and other big competitions. You can see big and small wine brands along the streets of Dalat. However, be careful to choose the right type and the right taste.

Photo: Don’t forget to buy a bottle of wine as a gift when you come to Dalat

Wine is indispensable in the list of drinks in Dalat because of its taste and meaning. Let’s enjoy these attractive flavors once you come to this land!

Dalat is so romantic; people like blending with nature bring a feeling of peace that is very strange. After a series of hard working days, you can enjoy an open space and enjoy the cuisine of Dalat, all the worries will be dissolved. Save the list of delicious drinks in Dalat to experience the exciting journey!

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