Dalat Flower Festival

Overview of Flower Festival in Dalat

How has the flower festival been established & developed in Dalat Vietnam:

Located at the elevation of 1500m above sea level, Dalat hides itself amidst the immense pine forest on Langbiang highland. The city was endowed with the fresh and mild climate all the year round and this is the ideal condition for all kinds of flower to blossom. When coming to Dalat, tourists will surprised at a spaces of flower. By the road sides, the wild sun flowers show their small lovely purple flowers; the mimosa pudica with their small lovely purple flowers or the climbing roses and paper flowers flashing beside the fence of some certain house, ect…

Dalat Flower Festival

Dalat Flower Festival

Da lat has been called “The City Of Flower” by tourists and “The City of Spring” by climatologists. Indeed, thanks for its cool weather all year around, Dalat is suitable for planting flower and doing tourist business.

Flower festival in the evening

Flower festival in the evening

Lam Dong province has 3449 ha of land for planting flower and the output is over one billion items every years. Flowers here are not only supplied for Vietnamese customers but also exported. In Dalat city, there are about 30 companies and more than 5000 families growing and supplying flowers. Dalat has many kinds of flowers which are introduced visitors such as Rose, Mimosa, Forget me not, Carnation, Pensee, Gladiolus, Begonia, Snapdragon, Purple Flamboyant, Orchid, ect…

Dalat Flower Art

Dalat Flower Art

With its purpose of honoring the value of Dalat flowers and the farmer, affirming the position and potential of flower – growing career in the orientation of socio-economic development of Dalat city and of Lam Dong province.

Time & venue of Flower Festival

Dalat flower festival has been organized every two years since 2005. Regularly at the end of the year. It is also an exclusive tourist product which attracts lots of domestic and foreign tourists.

The main stage of this festival is put on the water surface of Xuan Huong lake and Lam Vien square.

Contents of Dalat Flower Festival

The shows have the participation of thousand of professional and un-professional artists. Beside the opening and closing ceremonies, the festival has also some other programs such as flower exhibition fair, flower car march, trade fair, contest of Dalat farmers. The programs of Flower festival are variety of content for every festival period. These will make interests to tourists and participants as well.

The passed programs of Dalat Flower Festival

The 7th Dalat Flower Festival in 2017

The 6th Dalat Flower Festival in 2015

The 5th Dalat Flower Festival in 2013


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    Le Festival des fleurs en 2017 du 23 au 27 décembre à Dalat suivi d’autres événements jusqu’au 3 janvier 2018,

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    I am from Malaysia
    like to see the flower fair on dec 2017
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