Dalat Flower Tea – the art from the flower of Dalat

Since ancient times, people had already had access to natural herbs, and flowers to enhance their health, and maintain their youth. Modern science has made great strides in the exploitation of these natural strengths.

Both tea and flower are blessed to Da Lat by nature

Tea is one of the best herbs for health and helps improve the beauty of your skin. Flower is a medicine in both oriental and western medicine. Dalat has immense green tea hills and at the same time Da Lat is the City of a thousand flowers with lots of rare medicinal herbs. Dalat Flower Tea has combined the gift from nature with scientific progress to release a product line from Dalat flower – flower tea. Having launched the first flower tea products during Da Lat Flower Festival 2013, until now, Dalat flower tea has gradually provided a variety of products, confirmed its quality, and received compliments from domestic and overseas markets.

Dalat Flower Tea - Rose

Dalat Flower Tea – Rose

Each product line is a work of art. Each work is a miniature of flowers and grass, a charming natural scenery, a recommendation, a message inserted into the art work and visitors will perceive it, evaluate the artists’s implications through each product line, for instance: You are the sunshine, spring has been back, spring greeting cards, fluttery empty alley, spring’s love revealing,… If you make a cup of “spring has been back” tea, you will be filled with excitement and color shades of plants and flowers in spring; or a cup of “like herons wingspread”, you will perceive the image of a couple of herons flying together under the sky and over waterways.

Dalat Flower Tea - daisy

Dalat Flower Tea – daisy

Dalat flower tea products offer various choices for each age group and individual taste

For instance: Children like dandelion sweetness, ladies prefer sweet and bitter taste of Lingzhi mushroom in one -hundred – flower tea, elderly people have a preference for bitter or pungent taste of black tea, lingzhi mushroom…

With diverse products, and quality being confirmed through each product line, Dalat Flower Tea is the first choice of our customers when they wish to enjoy a cup of flower tea with deep flavor of local flowers and a meaningful gift for relatives and friends when they go to Dalat, the City of a thousand flowers.

Some enterprises of flower tea in Dalat: Thai Bao, Chau Anh…

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