Dalat Jams


Da Lat is a Kingdom of jam in Vietnam

Jam in other area is only produced and sold by Tet occasion, but jam in Da Lat is sold all time because Da Lat is a Kingdom of jam in Vietnam.

History of jam industry in Dalat

The jam-making occupation in Da Lat was found in the late 1950s – the early 1960s. It firstly appeared from enterprises that processed strawberry. Enterprises such as : Vien Phu, Tam Thanh… are the previous dynasty names in the speciality-making occupation beginning from making strawberry wine and jam. The area Trai Ham is a place where plants a lot of plum trees, so plum jam was born here. Persimmon is a lot in Cau Dat, Tram Hanh where persimmon jam firstly appeared. Patata is planted majorly in Duc Trong; therefore, the patata – processing jam enterprises are gathered here. Many kinds of jam that were processed from strawberry, persimmon, plum and patata are special food that is bought a lot.

Dalat Jams

Dalat Jams

Popular Jam products in Dalat

There are about 30 kinds of special jams only appearing in Da Lat. That is the variation of jam processed from strawberry- confiture strawberry, dry-strawberry candy, mint-strawberry candy…From plum fruit, people can process it into some kinds of dry-plum jam, salted dry plum… They also process dry persimmon, brittle persimmon, soft persimmon from persimmon fruit. The patata fruit is also processed into the Da Lat special jam in variety of forms and tastes : soft patata, brittle patata, ginger patata, … And agricultural products such as bean, carrot, potato, pumpkin… also become jam speciality. The mulberry planting and sericulture occupation bears the new kinds of jam from mulberry.

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