Dalat’s mixed salad

Impressed by delicious meals with Da Lat salad

Da Lat – Lam Dong is endowed with a temperate climate all year round very appropriate for the growth of vegetables,  fruits and tubers.  For tourists,  when coming to Da Lat,  besides enjoying the fresh pure air and the beautiful natural scenery they are also impressed by delicious meals with Da Lat salad.  Nicknamed the city of a thousand flowers Da Lat occupies the leading position throughout the country with most of land areas for the growth of vegetables,  of which is lettuce of various types.  Da Lat lettuce can be eaten raw or made salad which is preferred by tourists when visiting Da Lat.

Dalat's mixed salad

Dalat’s mixed salad

To make salad,  the main ingredient is the Da Lat typical lettuce,  originated from European countries,  imported to Viet Nam by acclimatized to the weather of Da Lat.

The difference between Da Lat salad to other plates of salad in other places is that it is not too picky in the processing

Apart from creating colors to the salad people add tomatoes and onions to make it more attractive with unique taste. You can make it at home in accordance with your own taste. To have an attractive and delicious plate of salad,  just follow these simple steps:  fresh lettuce leaves are washed then cut into even pieces;  tomatoes are also washed,  drained and cut into slices,  onions are cut in half lengthways mixed with sauce mixture of sugar,  salt,  garlic,  chili,  vinegar,  cooking oil…

Only after a few minutes,  you will have a plate of salad of green,  red,  white colors,… The salad is both moreish and has a sweet and sour taste of vinegar making the lettuce crispy and nutritious,  ideal to cooling heat on hot days.  The Da Lat salad is a quintessential combination of sour,  spicy,  salty sweet,  fragrant tastes…  quite different from other plates of salad elsewhere you have ever eaten.  The Da Lat salad has been familiar to and overseas people;  it is an indispensable food,  for it is not only simple but also contains lots of health benefits;  lettuce has a cooling,  dialysis and digestion effect…; this is the source of vitamins for our body;  additionally lettuce is very rich in iron,  calcium,  zinc,  potassium…  

Da Lat-Lam Dong awaits tourists to explore and enjoy the taste of different dishes processed from temperate vegetables,  fruits and tubers.

By Hong Thao

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