Experiencing farm stays in Da Lat Vietnam

The current farm – stay model is one of the exciting types of tourism that attract domestic and foreign tourists. Particularly in Da Lat – Lam Dong, Vietnam with an area of major agricultural production, mainly vegetables, flowers, tropical fruit and a high-tech agricultural center in the country, the tourism units and local people have invested in and developed this type of tourism model, creating agricultural products associated with tourism services, contributing to product diversity, tourism image and bringing economic efficiencies to Lam Dong province.

Langbiang farm stay

Stopping on Langbiang Farm, which is currently one of the gardens that is thriving in Lam Dong province on high-tech agricultural products; together with over 10 years’  experience in the production of vegetables, flowers, Langbiang farm consists of three units,  with an area of up to 20 ha Coming to Langbiang Farm, tourists can visit and listen to commentaries and learn new varieties of cut flowers, clean strawberries, vegetables and flowers are grown and processed according to the European standards of greenhouse technology. In addition, tourists can experience farm work with the farmers or watch the process of planting, tending flowers and vegetables, an unforgettable impression on daily farm work.

Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm


Organic farm stay

Moreover, tourists can see the real value of the clean agricultural products of Da Lat in Xuan Tho organic farm, one of the farms thriving under product manufacture,  getting European organic standard. With an area of about 4 ha, the farm makes more than 100 products of vegetables, tuber, fruit, lettuce, mini vegetables, cultivated by the closed European organic standards and no chemicals are used. In addition to the types of sightseeing, educational tours, to learn new knowledge about organic production, tourists can participate in classes related to the making of salad on the farm premises.

Tomato farm

Tomato farm


Thuong garden

Thuong garden at Tuyen Lam lake, Da Lat has gradually perfected its farm stay model with an area of 1.5 ha consisting of 2 sections: Garden section where the family is living and the medicinal plant cultivation section. The farm specializes in rest&  recreation services with various kinds of medicinal herbs and health care service by traditional method and find peaceful space to rest after daily worries in life. The garden has over 500 species of precious medicinal plant such as Lingzhi mushroom, sweet grass especially Ngoc Linh ginseng and healthful products produced from sources of precious material,  types of services focusing on sightseeing.  F&B,  homestay activities,  health care and purchase of typical farm products.  Particularly,  there are free pulse-taking services and tourists can get long-term stays to seek medical treatment if they want to.

Ngoc Linh ginseng

Ngoc Linh ginseng


Weasel coffee farm stay

Apart from the typical products on the farm Da Lat “Weasel coffee”  has attracted over 1,000 tourists arrivals/year of which international tourists account for 10%,  this is the first farm in Da Lat-Lam Dong that feeds weasels with Moka ripe coffee beans and thus produces the real weasel coffee of high quality, bringing high economic efficiency. The farm has an area of about 2.5 ha located in Trai Ham, Da Lat tourists can listen to commentary of manufacturing process,  processing method, enjoy and buy coffee on the premises. Besides, the farm provides other services like: staying in small quantities of guests outdoor barbecue party, gong & chime rent…

Weasel coffee farm

Weasel coffee farm


With favorable conditions: the number of plantations, farms, gardens gradually increasing with many different scales, many species of plants and animals are invested, researched and developed; large numbers of direct workers in agriculture and tourism in Lam Dong province, Da Lat – Lam Dong farms have a huge potential for development of agricultural&  scientific products, high technology combined with types of travel services, contributing to preserving the value of medicinal plants and traditional medicine profession, improving the quality and prestige of farm products of Lam Dong province. At present, if tourism types such as sightseeing, resting beeing the strength of Da Lat, Lam Dong, now health care tourism has gradually demonstrated its enormous appeal.

By Huy Hoang

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  1. Marie palmer, 7 years ago Reply

    Hello, we are a farming couple from neư zealand and wish to experience farm life in Dalat. Can you please help organise thís? Our dates would be about 29 January for 3 ỏ 4 dáy

  2. Jason Burtwistle, 7 years ago Reply

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in staying at a coffee farm for a night or two. I’ll be in Vietnam in about one month, for 10 days, but have been unable to find much information in English about staying at a farm. If you can provide any info, it would be very much appreciated.

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