Hot pot of chicken with é leaves in Dalat you should try

Can say Hot pot of chicken with é leaves (Lẩu Gà Lá É) in Dalat is a very special dish of the mountain town. E leaves the same family with basil, if eaten raw, slightly sour taste but when dipped in the pot of hot pot and then picked out to eat immediately when under-done, you will feel the smell tasty, slightly the smell spicy and the taste is similar to the basil.

It is a well-known specialty, but in Dalat there are not many restaurants sell this dish, most prominent is restaurants Tao Ngo and 668. The common point of these two restaurants is that they are very crowded, just over 6pm, guests had to wait for the table to wait to enjoy.

Tao Ngo hot pot of chicken with É leaves (Lẩu Gà Lá É Tao Ngộ)

Speaking of hot pot chicken in Dalat, it must mention Tao Ngo at the beginning of 3/4 street (about 2km from Xuan Huong Lake). Previously, this is the only local restaurant known, but because of good oral tradition, gradually, dish this restaurant becomes a must eat, the address must come of many visitors when coming to Dalat.

Restaurant specializes in chicken hot pot dishes e leaves with vegetables dipped in the pot of hot pot only is e leaves. According to oriental medicine, e leaf is a medicinal remedy for diseases such as colds, cold cough … A pot of chicken hot pot 200,000 VND about half a chicken cut pieces, a large noodle disk, chopped bamboo shoots, and of course, a plate of e leaf vegetables.

Tao Ngo hot pot of chicken e leaves

Tao Ngo hot pot of chicken e leaves

Hot pot sauce here, hot spicy chili, very suitable for the cold air characteristic of Dalat. The chicken is chicken, eat solid, sweet meat should eat well. The sweetness of fresh chicken combined with spicy water and e leaf delicious and extremely cold weather. If you are suffering from the flu, the hot hot pot with this leaf is the “medicine” for you.

Dalat in the evening, but many dew with friends sit next to the pot of hot pot chicken to boil the aroma, then enjoy the sweet chicken, you will forget the hungry, the cold. However, remember that the e leaves when dipped in hot pot should not dip be too long, just eat under-done to feel the aroma, natural smell.

One note is that this shop is crowded with small space so often fall into full status. Sometimes when the 6 hours are gone, you should come early or make a reservation. Or else, wait patiently until there is a table (though that will be long).

In general, if you come to Dalat, have a taste hot pot of chicken e leaves once, surely you will not be disappointed in both price and taste!

Address: No.5, Ba Thang Tu street, Da Lat city

668 hot pot of chicken with É leaves  (Lẩu Gà Lá É 668)

Hot pot chicken e leaves this open after the hot pot chicken e leaves Tao Ngo but also extremely crowded. Going to the evening, the restaurant is crowded, even people have to queue waiting for their turn, despite the cold afternoon in Dalat.

If Tao Ngo focuses on chicken hotpot, this 668 restaurant sells … 3 dishes include chicken hot pot e leaves, visceral stir fried mushrooms and roasted chicken lu and every dish is very good. In here, main dish is hot pot chicken e leaves, hot pot is very sweet, sweet chicken bone simmer long.

Soft chicken accompanied with hot pot, a lot of and tough just enough delicious, small pot of hot pot here the meat is quite generous, enough for the 3 people to eat quite enough. Dalat cold weather, eat chicken hot pot with hot water pot, sweet, fragrant plus e leaves are dipped to feel like in heaven.

668 Hot pot of chicken with e leaves

668 Hot pot of chicken with e leaves

Visceral chicken stir fried mushrooms is also delicious. There is a visitor saying that this is the best chicken breast she can eat. The visceral is not sickly and tasting extremely delicious plus the sweetness from the fried mushrooms to the secretion, all mixed up to create fried chicken stir-fried chicken’s own food that was once eaten, very easy to grind.

Also, if you go to a large group, you should try the roasted chicken by jar (Gà Nướng Lu) of the restaurant. However, if you want to eat, you should order early and must determine the wait quite long because when ordering new staff start to bake. In return, fresh chicken baked medium to crispy skin, sweet meat, dots with green pepper sauce eat very well.

roasted chicken by jar

roasted chicken by jar

In terms of price, the food here is quite reasonable, small pot of hot pot chicken 200,000 VND, big pot of hot pot chicken 300,000 VND, roasted chicken in jars (Gà Nướng Lu) 175,000 VND half chicken, Visceral chicken stir fried mushrooms 80,000 VND. Due to good food, quality same be Tao Ngo, guests often eat into the waiting state. Although the restaurants open from the afternoon but should go to 6-7 pm, arrive after the ability to not have tables and wait.

Address: 2B Chu Van An street, Da Lat city.

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