The most beautiful Hydrangea Flower Garden in Dalat

The new tourist attraction are extremely attractive to young people and flower lovers come to take photos and “check-in” is the garden of hydrangeas in Dalat.

Where is the hydrangea flower garden?

Currently there are many hydrangea gardens in Dalat. In this article, Dalat Trip will share to you the address of the largest hydrangea gardens with the most beautiful and full blooming flowers for you to come and take photo.

Many young people come to check in

Many young people come to check in

Location of Hydrangea flower garden

This hydrangea valley is located in Trai Mat area, Xuan Tho commune, about 15km from the center of Dalat city, with an area of up to 2 ha.

The whole family takes a commemorative photo

The whole family takes a commemorative photo


The way to the Dalat hydrangea field is very simple because there is a signboard that comes from the city center, you can go in the following direction:

From Dalat Market => you ask for directions to Linh Phuoc Pagoda, after finding Trai Mat area, at Trai Mat Train Station, you go straight. Another 5 km, you will see a sign on the left hand side of the road to the flower field, going another 500 m to reach the garden.

Many couple chooses to take wedding photos here

Many couple chooses to take wedding photos here


If you are still struggling because you are not familiar with the above directions, you can follow the below map of Dalat to find the address of the most accurate hydrangea field.

In Dalat, when does the hydrangea flower bloom?

This is a question of many people who travel to Dalat 3 days 2 nights in self-sufficient trip because they want to go to the city of thousands of flowers at the right time of hydrangea flower blooming. The answer for you is hydrangea flower bloom all year round, so you can visit this place all the time.

As princess lost in the forest of flowers

As princess lost in the forest of flowers

Why does hydrangea in Dalat become famous?

Hydrangea just recently famous at the end of 2017 and many people ask the question: this flower has existed for a long time in Dalat, why it became famous too late?

Lost in beautiful flowers

Lost in beautiful flowers

Very stylish

Very stylish

And the way this flower became famous is also coincidental when a young couple shares their wedding photos on Facebook and hundreds of questions about this place’s location. Only after a while of sharing, this flower field has become an indispensable shooting point when coming to Dalat by tourists.

Entrance fee

To visit the garden you pay a fee of 30,000 VND / person

a nice moment

a nice moment

Buying hydrangeas in Dalat

Many people want to buy hydrangeas flowers for decoration or business, they can contact directly to this garden to get the cheapest price.

Don’t forget to buy a tree to plant, it doesn’t waste too much space and it’s easy to take care of the plant.

a nice couple in the flower farm

a nice couple in the flower farm


When you visit, you should note the following:

Do not break flowers

Going into the trail does not go into the bush of flower

Do not litter when visiting

Memorable photo

Memorable photo

What is special about hydrangea flower?

A special feature of this flower is that: if grown in Dalat, the flowers will bloom very big and beautiful.

This flower has no poison

Flowers are multicolored and each color depends on where it is grown due to PH level of soil.

Flowers are grown to cut branches for sale but due to being loved by many people, the garden owner decided to open the gates for sightseeing

Flowers are grown on the hillside

flower has no poison

flower has no poison

The hydrangea gardens in Dalat

In addition to the flower garden with detailed directions above, you can also visit this flower in the following areas:

Hydrangea flower garden in the Clay Village

Hydrangea flower garden in Tran Phu Park

Hydrangea flower field in Lac Duong area

Super-hot selfie style

Super-hot selfie style

Tour of the hydrangea garden

You can book ➤ Dalat Farm Tour to visit the hydrangea garden with itinerary such as:

Morning visiting:

Hydrangea Flower Field

Cau Dat Tea Plantation

Lavender Flower Field

High-tech Vegetable Farm

Afternoon visiting:

High-Tech Strawberry Farm

Dalat Orchid Garden

Mushroom Farm

Giant Pumpkin and Black Tomato Garden…


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