Saigonese create lavender paradise in Da Lat

A lavender field (or lavender flower) of over 6 ha, cultivated by 50-year-old Nguyen Minh Tan, owner of the Lavender pa Lat Resort over a year ago next to Tuyen Lam lake is now flourishing with violet flowers. Another 6 ha of has also been seeded by the boss in an attempt to turn this place into a paradise of this flower.

The existing lavender paradise

When the lavender field has “fully bloomed”, this place would be a unique lavender paradise in Viet Nam, Nguyen Minh Tan expects so According to him, this is the species of exotic flowers difficult to be cultivated, unpleasant to strange land However, under his diligent hands and an investment of a lot of effort, human care, technical surveillance Until now 6ha of flowers has begun to shed the first violet flowers in the delight of onlookers.

Lavender flower in Dalat

Lavender flower in Dalat

Nguyen Minh Tan says, when he was young he has been abroad a couple of times and saw immense lavender fields in several countries. That’s the kind of flowers close to the people of developed countries which produce flowers, but lavenders are somewhat luxurious to the Vietnamese. He fell in ove with this kind of flowers since his overseas trips, so when he is getting older, Nguyen Minh Tan has decided to quit his stable job of IT in Sai Gon and moves to Da Lat alone and leases land at Tuyen Lam lake, establishing a company to set up a tourist resort with lavender flowers as his highlight. Tan wants to turn this land into a violet, fragrant lavender paradise with alternate wooden houses. His purpose of planting lavender on the 12 ha of land is for establishing a tourist resort, but he has to achieve the criteria of natural harmony between mountains and sloping terrain looking towards the Tuyen Lam lake with year round waves drifting towards the banks.

Lavender field in Dalat

Lavender field in Dalat

Although he has never done manual work when he came to Da Lat, Nguyen Minh Tan started to dig, furrow the ground to plant lavender like a real armer. During his first weeks, he worked very hard his muscles ached, his hands and feet blistered and bled and got swollen, however, the thought of a future lavender field became a driving force for him to continue his manual work. Tan said this is an adventurous project, for no one dares to do a similar tourism project by planting flowers on a large scale as he does. However after over a year since he sowed the first lavender seeds on the flower beds, the furrows of lavender flowers have bloomed, tinte the field with violet colour, signaling his preliminary achievement.

Mastering lavender cultivating techniques

All lavender seeds were imported by Nguyen Minh Tan from a company specializing in providing flower seeds in Britain. According to Tan, of all of cultivation, the nursery is the most difficult stage for seeds to germinate The reason is that the climate and soil in Vietnam are different from the earth mother of this flower During the first stage, due to lack of technical knowledge, most nursery seeds could not germinate. He worked and took note and drew experiences from each nursery, so far Tan has mastered the techniques of lavender seed nursery Even now, Tan and his engineering department have also propagated top-cutting method, from the original mature plants like the method ot propagating chrysanthemums that the local people do today Lavender flower seeds for breeding after mature cuttings are brought to plant. Bed distance is by 1.5m. Under the flower beds drip irrigation system is installed, large or small, according to the regulation of the owner When lavender flowers have rooted in the ground, excessive moisture will cause the roots to rot, the plant will die. The pH degree of the sol Da Lat is often lower than the living conditions of this flower, so for the plant to live, farmers must raise the pH degree to adapt to the needs of the flowers.

Lavender Dalat

Lavender Dalat

With the advantage of the sloping terrain of land on the hillside, toward the shores of Tuyen Lam lake, the 12 ha Lavender field after being finished will look like the pictures of overseas flowers usually appearing on the internet, Especially, in the O shaped oasis jutting into Tuyen Lam lake, lavender flowers will be planted in circular beds the flower bed there will be paths for tourists to stroll, and visit. The owner of the flower field expected in the near future, it become a special highlight for tourists on their trip to Da Lat.

By Ngo Khac Lich

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