Travelling and experiencing “a farmer’s day” in Da Lat

Da Lat – Lam Dong has been long famous for being “The city of a thousand flowers”, “Land of cherry blossoms”. “The city of fog or The city of pine trees”  with year round cool climate,  very convenient for the development of temperate flowers and vegetables.  In recent years,  in the implementation of the tourism development program in Lam Dong province,  the travel model associated with high-tech agriculture has contributed to the diversification of local tourism product sand brought.


Visit some typical farms:  Thai Phien flower village the farm of Ngoc Duy Tea company,  Ltd Tan Tien Agricultural Services Cooperative,  YSA Orchid Garden,  xuan Huong Cooperative,  Le Huu Phan nursery garden to visit the gardens,  exchange opinions with the garden owners,  hear about the process and method of cultivating vegetables,  flowers,  strawberries and the sense of space,  living the life of local residents.  Besides,  tourists will visit the Lat National Historic Children’s prison,  Da Lat teacher’s training college,  mapping enterprise(geographical department),  the typical architectural buildings of Da Lat.

YSA Orchid garden

YSA Orchid garden


Visiting the Center for Research and High-  tech Agricultural Experiment,  of Loc Troi Group Corp.  Branch(join farming experience activities following high-tech models harvesting and essing of vegetables,  typical food from local vegetables and fruits);  visit and draw experiences on the flower farm of Linh Ngoc Co.,  Ltd.  Lingyu visit Da Lat Nature Co.,  Ltd and Linh Phuoc Pagoda.  In addition to creating abundance for the tour,  you can visit more places,  such as Tiger Den waterfall,  Cau Dat tea hills…

LANGBIANG FARM (42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh)

Langbiang farm with an area of 20ha,  includes 3 production areas of flowers,  fruits and vegetables with the main products including:  flower seeds(by means of plant tissue),  flower pots,  cut flowers artful flowers.  This is the place that provides flower planting consultancy services.  Going to this place,  tourists will hear explanations and learn about the new varieties of cut flowers,  strawberries,  vegetables and flowers planted and tended based on greenhouse technologies to reach European standards.  Additionally,  tourists have the opportunity to experience the work of planting,  tending,  cutting,  trimming vegetables,  flowers with the workers,  watch the flowers in the living room and the high-grade floral art products

ORGANIC GARDEN (Xuan Tho village)

One of the gardens that applies manufacturing technologies for the production of products that meet European standards.  Spreading over an area of about 4ha,  Organic garden produces more than 100 kinds of vegetables and fruits following the closed farming methods and does not use chemicals.  Therefore,  organic products are hygienic,  can be eaten directly In addition to visit,  to learn about the knowledge of agricultural products of the garden,  tourists also have the opportunity to participate in classes to teach the method of processing different kinds of salad.


An ideal spot to plant cut flowers grown in greenhouses,  net houses under high-tech processes such as Alla manda,  gladiolus,  red chrysanthemums hydrangeas,  lilies,  carnations,  roses In addition people plant artichokes,  a staple crop of Da Lat.  Coming to Thai Phien glancing at net houses,  greenhouses located on the green pine forests,  tourists will find immense colorful flowers interwoven with each other as if they embellish the vitality of the western highlands Each year,  Thai Phien flower village receives more than 50 delegations of domestic and foreign guests to visit,  study,  enjoy the flowers.


Provides more than 80%  of the city’s flowers,  of which,  roses are the main types of flowers.  With the traditional method of grafting and breeding between domestic roses and exotic roses imported from the Netherlands,  Van Thanh village people have created many beautiful strains of roses,  such as velvet,  moonlight,  yellow roses,…  Entering the kingdom of roses,  tourists not only have the opportunity to admire roses of all colors,  but also enjoy the soothing fragrance of roses

THUONG GARDEN (Tuyen Lam Lake Tourist resort, ward3)

Land area:  1.5ha,  including 2 areas.  The garden area provides health care services using traditional medicinal herbs.  This area is where medicinal plants are grown and incubated and about 500 kinds of precious medicinal plants are taken care of,  such as Yun Zhi(van chi),  Ling Zhi(Linh chi)  Honey grass especially Ngoc Linh ginseng(Panax vietnamensis).  Besides,  Thuong Garden provides other services such as homestay,  dining,  sightseeing,  sales of typical products of the garden,  especially the free pulse-feeling service.

TRAI HAM (135E Hoang Hoa Tham, ward 10)

Famous for its civet coffee products,  annually attracting over 1,000 tourists,  of which foreign tourists accounting for 10%.  With an area of about 2.5 ha,  Trai Ham camp includes 3 sections:  mocha coffee plantations,  the civet-raising zone and coffee drinking zone.  This is the first farm in Da Lat that raises civets with ripe mocha coffee beans to create high-quality civet coffee products.  Civet coffee in Trai Ham is carefully verified from planting,  tending and harvesting to processing,  reaching high economic efficiency When visiting Trai Ham,  besides enjoying the fragrant civet coffee,  tourists listen to explanations of the production and manufacturing process of civet coffee as well as participate in outdoor barbecue party,  watch gong performance or enjoy homestay service.  Upon departure,  tourists are also offered a glass with their own photo printed on together with the words:  certification of enjoying civet coffee on Trai Ham Farm.

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