Truc Lam Vien – Tran Le Garden House

Truc Lam Vien is also called Tran Le Garden House

(Tran Le Gia Trang in Vietnamese)


It’s 15km from Dalat to the south, Truc Lam Vien tourist attraction is a bright pearl, an ideal stop for tourists by its poetic landscape and unique architecture.

Overview of Tran Le Garden House

Underwent construction in 2006, Truc Lam Vien was transformed from a pristine hill into a beautiful landscape with many construction items bring deeply unique traditional culture.

Truc Lam Vien was put on the glamourous coat of nature which is cared carefully by innovative artistic hands of artists also are owners of this peaceful and hospitable garden house.

From the majestic Elephant Mountain, groundwater silently converged into Thanh Luong stream run down Bay Tang waterfall like an endless piece of music which captivated poets and hold tourists’s step.

Interweaving architectures and a lot of artistic small landscapes, ornamental plants, bonsai, artificial waterfall and Thach Hoa garden with countless flowers between thousands of years old sandstones, all blend together to create a vivid panorama picture.

Truc Lam Vien

Truc Lam Vien

Immersing themselves in the charming natural landscape with sound of pine tree’s leaves, sound of streams flowing on the hillside of majestic Elephant … Tourists can enjoy the unique culture characteristic of Centre Highland at Truc Lam Vien as enjoying tea ceremony art in the Japanese stone garden with rocks, table and chair set was elaborately crafted bought from Japan, admire hand embroidery art works, new unique embroidery technique with silk threads on silk background, experience exquisite Vietnamese culture and embroidery techniques of Tran Le Gia Trang artisans.

Get feeling the peace of natural beauty and immersing in the fresh breath of romantic highland, visitors will gain serenity for their soul and left tired worries of urban life when lightly step into vast meditation realms at That Tue Huyen pagoda in Truc Lam Vien. From a high top of the Sightseeing Hill,visitors can overlook a vast hill of green trees as if he were standing in front of a majestic natural picture, entering meditation with a colorful painting and a quiet space to understand the heart of artists who created this masterpiece.

Address: K’long village, Hiep An commune, Duc Trong (On the highway from Lien Khuong Airport to Da Lat)

The map of Tran Le Garden House

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