High-tech Agricultural Tourism in Da Lat, Vietnam

In fact, people’s needs for traveling have been more and more varied and abundant. For today’s tourists, travel is not merely sightseeing or relaxing… but for educational purpose, to study the agricultural high-tech application models. In Da Lat, the high-tech agricultural models has been formed for a long time, but, the model development has not really commensurate with the potentials.

Dalat is a leading city of high-tech agriculture of Vietnam

Lam Dong has advantages that few other places can compare to,  that is,  it currently owns a famous tourist city and is also a leading city of high-tech agriculture throughout the country Da Lat city.  Speaking of tourism is speaking of Da Lat,  and more than that,  in recent years,  when it comes to high-tech agriculture,  Da Lat is also mentioned as an indispensable address not-to-be-missed.

One of Flower Farms in Dalat

One of Flower Farms in Dalat

Although there have not been high-tech agricultural tours,  in fact,  in recent years,  a number of vegetable gardens,  agricultural villages are indispensable destinations for tourists when they visit Da Lat.  Around the Valley of Love area,  there are currently tens of strawberry gardens that receive tourists every day.  Then Thai Phien flower village after being recognized a traditional crafts village,  has become a very appealing tourist destination.  Or,  when tourists visit Dinh An Chicken Village(at the foot of Prenn Pass),  many a tourist has visited several local high tech vegetable gardens to study “how”  the local ethnic minority people earn more or less one billion dong per hectare per year.  Or for the flowers,  besides buying a vase or a pot of flowers as gifts,  tourists also study the process of making everlasting fresh flowers at Van Thanh flower village or at some flower production units in the city.

One of Strawberry Farms in Dalat

One of Strawberry Farms in Dalat

Tourism and agriculture

In other words,  in the diversity and richness of the needs of tourists to Da Lat,  the demand for knowledge acquisition on the production of high-tech agriculture,  especially vegetable production technologies,  is an indispensable demand.  From this basis,  in recent years,  Lam Dong in general and Dalat in particular has issued many policies to both develop high tech agriculture and attract a considerable number of tourists to this domain.  And,  the undeniable result is that,  initially,  Da Lat-Lam Dong high-tech agricultural tourism has a certain attractiveness for tourists,  partly satisfying the needs of tourists to learn high-  tech agriculture in Lam Dong,  especially high technology in Da Lat vegetable and flower production.  However,  we must frankly admit that,  Da Lat high-tech agricultural sector is not actually on a par with the joint development between tourism and agriculture.

With Thai Phien flower village,  although this is the frequently visited place,  according to the tour guides,  it is not a destination to be held on a regular basis.  In addition,  when coming here,  tourists mostly”go sightseeing but they have not really recognized the professionalism of tourism in the local farmers.  Of course,  Thai Phien Flower Village is just an example. “The question is why not train farmers to become professional tourist guides,  and build some vegetable and flower gardens as a place of agricultural production and application of high technology and a tourist destination in a meaningful way?” a tourist guide regularly organizing tours from HCMC to Da Lat has said.

By Khac Dung


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