Minh Tam Flower Garden


Located at No. 20A Khe Sanh street – Dalat city, Minh Tam flower garden has its area of 18 hectares with a lot of pine-trees surrounding.

Records of Minh Tam flower garden in Dalat

It had ever been a villa of a Frenchman named David which was built in 1938. After coming back France, he sold his villa to Mr. Nghiep Doan.

Since 1990, the villa has been used for doing tourist business including staying and seeing flowers.

Minh Tam Flower Garden has a lot of kinds of colorful flowers such as Cam Tu Cau, Carnation, Mimosa, Pelargonium, etc; especially, there are a lot of valuable flowers which are only sold to rich people.

Minh Tam flower garden

Minh Tam flower garden

Set foot on top Mimosa mountain pass – one of the two major gateway into dreamy Da Lat city, visitors will encounter the right area resort – hotel Minh Tam – a famous, beautiful hotel gardens hidden among pine. Spread over a large hill over 18 ha, Lam Dong People’s Committee and Ministry of Public Security to expand investment in tourist resort – hotel Minh Tam soon became one of the famous tourist city of flowers Da Lat.

Mimosa at Minh Tam Flower Garden

Mimosa at Minh Tam Flower Garden

Minh Tam flower garden which had been formed from the 70s of last century, is located in the campus, good ecological environment in the basin with the most ancient roses in Da Lat, this is Minh Tam flower garden is planned upgrades become conservation development introduces inherent flowers in Da Lat – Highlands with over 200 flower beds and small landscape always flaunted, the rare flowers in the country and the world. The main resort is a harmonious combination between hands the flowers of human and natural landscape as not to lose the romantic capital of Da Lat.

Here the environment is healthy ecological sanctuary of flowers, the hotel is surrounded by ornamental gardens rich and diverse with a variety of rare flowers of all parts of the country has created a landscape very poetic and attractive deserve the name Da Lat flowers country.

The map of Minh Tam Flower Garden

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