Program of the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival in 2019

The 8th Flower Festival of Da Lat in 2019 with theme of “Dalat and Flowers”, is expected to take place in 5 days from 20/12/2019 to 24/12/2019, in Da Lat City and Bao Loc City.

The purpose of Dalat Flower Festival in 2019

In order to promote the image of Da Lat tourism, the brand “Da Lat – miraculous crystallization from the good soil”; continue to affirm and honor the values ​​of flowers and flower industry of Da Lat – Lam Dong; promoting tea and silk production industry in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province. In order to continue to inspire pride and timely encouragement, encourage and raise the sense of responsibility of the people in participating, responding and building Da Lat city – the city of Flower Festival, Bao Loc city “Green – Clean – Nice” and sustainable development.

The time of festival

From 20th December 2019 to 24th December 2019

The theme of festival

“Dalat and Flowers”

Dalat Flower Festival

Dalat Flower Festival

Program of the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival in 2019

1. Opening ceremony of the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival – 2019:

–  Time: At 20:00, December 20 , 2019 (Friday) .

–  Location: Lam Vien Square, Dalat City.

–  Content: Opening ceremony (30 minutes), special art program

2. Flower space:

a) Introducing small landscape The special kinds of fresh flowers, the strength of Dalat according to the theme of the Festival every day:

– Time: From December 20, 2019 to January 2, 2020.

– Location: Around the furnace Xuan Huong, Da Lat city.

– Content: convey the message of introducing the beauty of Da Lat style “Hien Hoa, elegant, hospitable” , Lam Dong tourism “Safe, civilized and friendly” through the implementation of small landscape using fresh flowers, decorative leaves with characteristics , strengths and high commerciality of Da Lat to be the key, ensuring uniqueness, attractiveness, harmony with the natural landscape .

+ On 20/12/2019: Setting up a small landscape using roses as the theme with the theme of “charming pink wings, arrogance” combining the arrangement of new and special roses (climbing roses, flowers) Red roses, rosewoods, imported roses …) for the people and visitors to enjoy (Space of rose roses, dust roses … are arranged regularly in the area opposite Quan The Am Pagoda from on December 20, 2019 until the end of January 2, 2020) .

+ December 21, 2019: Set up a miniatures using flowers Lyly as the main theme, the theme “Lyly elegant, beautiful and beautiful”.

+ 22/12/2019: Arrange small landscape using Cat Tuong and Cuc Cuc flowers as the main theme, the topic “Cat Tuong gently and Cuc hospitality”.

+ December 23, 2019: Arrangement of miniatures using only orchids as the main theme, the theme “Brilliant, delicate features of orchids”.

+ December 24, 2019: Arranging the landscape using various kinds of fresh flowers typical of Da Lat with the theme “DaLat colorful flowers” .

b) Miniatures of fresh flowers, decorative leaves:

– Time: From December 18, 2019 to January 2, 2020.

– Location: At Xuan Huong Lake ( opposite the Quan The Am Pagoda ) .

– Content: Domestic and foreign enterprises participating in exhibitions, displaying small landscapes:

+ Model of Da Lat ancient villa with fresh flowers, decorative leaves.

+ Park introduces new kinds of flowers, decorative leaves with high commerciality, potential for development in Da Lat – Lam Dong.

– Unit in charge and implementation: Dalat Flower Association.

– Coordinating agencies and units: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Da Lat City People’s Committee; Provincial Ornamental Society Association and some units and businesses.

c)   Open space:

c1) Le Dai Hanh flower road, Ong Dao bridge, Fountain to Ong Dao bridge:

– Contents: JSC Dalat urban services SAP has t Flower landscape along Le Dai Hanh (Hoa Binh slope) and Ong Dao bridge. Dalat Hasfarm Co., Ltd is about to install miniatures from flowers and plants, decorative leaves at the Ong Dao Bridge (regularly maintained after the Festival).

– Directing agency: People’s Committee of Da Lat city.

– Organization of implementation: Da Lat Urban Services Joint Stock Company; Dalat Hasfarm Company Limited.

c2) Testing art lighting routes (from Tran Hung Dao Park to hotel Saigon – Dalat):

– Content: Arrange and build some flower miniatures at Tran Hung Dao park (Tran Hung Dao – Ho Tung Mau intersection), Tran Hung Dao – Tran Phu – Hoang Van Thu route (section from Tran Hung Dao park came to Saigon – Dalat hotel), combining decorative lights and artistic lighting effects at night, creating a highlight of the night for the Festival. Is a long-term investment project, maintained after the Festival.

3. Exhibition, international flower and bonsai exhibition in 2019:

– Time: From December 20, 2019 to January 1, 2020 .

– Location: Dalat Flower Garden.

– Content:

+ Display and exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants with the participation of enterprises, organizations, individuals, artisans … in the field of domestic and international production and trading of flowers and ornamental plants; in which, flowers are the main theme of the exhibition.

+ Organizing competitions: ” Orchid color convergence ” ; Bonsai, Bonsai flower – fruit, flower – fruit ; Nice shelf space; birds singing.

+ Other ancillary activities: performing arts , gongs ; calligraphy writing , …

4. Fair of national trade fair of Da Lat Flower Festival 2019:

– Time: From December 20, 2019 to January 1, 2020 ( opening at 08 g 00 on December 20, 2019 ) .

– Location: Da Lat Urban Cultural Park (Golf Valley project).

– Content:

+ Displaying, introducing, promoting agricultural, industrial, handicraft and trade products … typical and strengths of Lam Dong; The products are branded, reputable, high quality of the local localities. Introducing tours, tourist routes, destinations to attract tourists, creating conditions for tourism businesses inside and outside the province to connect and cooperate.

+ Activities of meeting and connecting trade between Lam Dong enterprises and enterprises outside the province. Strengthening the expansion of exchanges between enterprises inside and outside the province to seek partners, opportunities for investment cooperation and establishing and expanding consumer markets.

5. Exchange program of Vietnam-Korea Culture and Art, the theme “Four Seasons of Flowers”:

– Time: At 19g00 on December 21, 2019 .

– Location: Lam Vien Square, Dalat City.

– Content: Exchange of Art and Culture between the Southern Highlands Art Troupe (Provincial Culture and Art Center) with Art Performing Group from Korea.

6. Program to honor Dalat architectural heritage:

Program “Hillside 2019”, the theme “Entering the art domain”:

– Time: In 2019 (Exhibition time is from 12/2019 to 01/2020).

– Location: Village home area (Ward 1, Da Lat city) .

– Content : Organizing artistic programs and activities of multi-morphological community (painting, architecture, music, …) including : Sketching, composing outdoor paintings about scenic spots, architectural works, people’s lives in Da Lat – Lam Dong; thematic discussion on art and painting; Annual exhibition “Hillside”; street art (Ambient art, Street art) ; street music.

7. Opening ceremony of Lam Dong Tea and Silk Culture Week , the theme “Shimmering B’Lao Festival Night”:

– Time: At 20:00 on December 21, 2019 .

– Location: Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Bao Loc city.

– Content: Opening Lam Dong Tea and Silk Culture Week in 2019, linking with activities to honor tea makers, mulberry growers, silk reeling and silk weaving, branding B’Lao Tea, Bao Loc’s silk, combining art shows.

8. Performing Bao Loc silk fashion “Flying high – Reaching out”:

– Time: In the evening of December 22, 2019.

– Location: Ho Dong Nai , Bao Loc city (or other suitable location).

– Content: Promoting Bao Loc’s silk and brocade brand to domestic and international friends through the program of displaying silk, brocade fashion, introducing products made from silk and earth. Bao Loc’s brocade combined with the art performance program..

9. Art performance program combining of the 8th Dalat Flower Festival – 2019:

– Time: At 19g00 on December 24, 2019 .

– Location: Lam Vien Square, Dalat City.

– Content:

+ The 8th Da Lat Flower Festival Closing Ceremony – 2019 .

+ Art performance program with the participation of a number of famous artists in the country.

(The program summed up and closed the activities of Tea and Silk Cultural Week organized by Bao Loc City People’s Committee on the evening of April 23, 2019 in Bao Loc city) .

Dalat Flower Festival is a flower festival held every 2 years, starting in December – the best weather of the year in Da Lat. Da Lat Flower Festival 2019 will have many innovations, creativity and impressive accents that promise to bring more experiences to tourists coming to the city of thousands of flowers.

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