Unique Dalat vegetable in the summer

Da Lat –  Lam Dong, endowed with a temperate,  year-round cool climate,  and fertile land has created a largest vegetable-growing region throughout the country and is named the land of vegetables and flowers. In recent years,  Lam Dong has boosted high-tech applications in agricultural production to make qualified vegetable products favored by domestic and foreign consumers.

Vegetable growing has become a traditional profession of the residents in the mountain city

With climate characteristics,  the local residents started growing exotic varieties of high quality vegetables,  perhaps that’s why when coming here you will find a lot of strange vegetables you’ve never seen before in a cool eye-appealing form as purple kohlrabi,  tubers of fennel,  lettuce of all kinds,  black tomatoes these plants originated from the Netherlands and Japan.

Dalat fennel tubers

Dalat fennel tubers

Especially when in Da Lat no tourists would miss trying the salad dish mixed with passion fruit sauce,  a specialty preferred by many tourists.  To make the coleslaw salad,  the main material is a combination of lolo lettuce types (green,  purple,  red with many attractive colors,  originating from European countries,  Japan.  In addition to creating the color to the salad,  the chef also adds tomato and onion,  bell pepper to make it more attractive,  with a special taste.

Apart from the coleslaw salad, Da Lat also has a salad dish with seafood mixed with tubers

Another specialty dish of this land of fog,  with a delicate combination of vegetables and seafood,  making a very attractive and nutritious dish.  To cook this dish,  people use the main material,  i.e.,  the fennel associated with shrimp,  squid and sauce.  The fennel tuber of the dill family looks slightly like the onion with dill-like leaves,  and a special taste like liquorice,  and a mild aroma like anise,  Fennel is considered as a herbal plant used for culinary and medicinal production,  a source of fiber and many nutritious substances to the body,  additionally fennel tubers are used as tea-like drinks to make fresh breath.

Dalat vegetable

Dalat vegetable

To cook this dish,  the fennel core is taken out from the tuber,  and sliced,  the shrimp and squid are cooked,  then mixed with the sauce and herbs;  the fennel tuber after being mixed with seafood and sweet sauce will taste pretty special,  favored by chefs as a high class material.  With its own characteristics,  Da Lat fennel tubers are not likely to appear in popular dishes but only found in high-class dishes cooked in western culinary art.

Tourists to Da Lat wishing to enjoy dishes with fennel taste can come to some restaurants in the city to have the opportunity to enjoy this special,  famous dish.

By Hong Thao

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