Artichoke stewed pork soup, the speciality of the flower city

When tourists come to the flower city – Da Lat, not only do they look for fresh, cool climate but they enjoy many specialties of the mountain city as well. Among these specialties, the artichoke stewed pork soup, and the chicken giblets steamed thin rice pancake are two famous specialties of Da Lat, which are recognized by the Vietnam Record Association as 5-year Top 100 cuisine specialties of Vietnam (2011-2016).

Artichoke is a high quality vegetable of high nutritional value

At the same time, it is the medicinal herb imported to Vietnam by the French, from the early years of the twentieth century and planted in many places, however, only the climate and soil of Da Lat is suitable for the growth and development of this precious plant. Artichoke is a high economic value crop for the mountain people with many fresh and dried products preferred by consumers such as Artichoke tea bags artichoke glue, artichoke extracts, pharmaceutical medicine…

Artichoke stewed pork soup

Artichoke stewed pork soup

Additionally, no one knows when the fresh artichoke bulbs through the ingenious hands of the chefs have been launched to be the artichoke stewed pork soup, which is not only delicious but also extremely nutritious, with such effects as heat relief, body detoxification, anti-aging, insomnia Artichoke stewed pork soup is popular, delicious, heat-resistant against some diseases caused by heat n the liver such as liver acne It is also a good medicine for the body, increasing body strength, increasing bile secretion, induce the anti-toxicity of the liver, stimulate digestion, diuretic. Artichoke soup stewed with pig’s feet is especially good for women after baby delivery, the soup increases the amount of natural milk available to the mother. In addition, this soup helps keep the heart in good condition to inhale sufficient oxygen, so those poor circulation and heart disease patients should eat this food twice a week to strengthen their heart, maintain good blood circulation to help their skin be pinky.

The special thing of this dish is the way to enjoy it

The feeling when picking a heart-shaped flower petal and slightly dipping into the cup of chili sauce to the mouth, and enjoy the fat, sweet and salty of the petals blended with the aroma of pork flavor, all are melting on the tip of the tongue will bring special unforgettable impressions to diner. Artichoke stewed pork soup is a strange food difficult to eat, but once eaten, it often makes many people confess they are “addicted”.

For tourists coming to the flower city perhaps nothing is more attractive than enjoying a bowl of hot artichoke stewed pork soup in the middle of the cold weather of the highland, and this will make each tourist when leaving this foggy city will still remember it forever. For this is one of the famous specialties only found in Dalat city, it is surely indispensable in the choice of dish of tourists during their trip to Dalat this summer.

By Ngoc Thach

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